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Hi all,

I am busy testing the demand for a few products to sell using a few landing pages. I am driving traffic to the landing pages using Google Ads. I would like my visitor to confirm exactly what they were searching for when they arrive on the landing page. eg. we are testing demand for power Inverters as a product to potentially sell, but they come in different voltages. We want to know which voltage most people out there are looking for. When visitor lands on our landing page we want to display a few options (radio button list) stating:

Show me more info on:
12V Inverters
24V Inverters
48V Inverters

We want to track which one they click to get an idea of highest demand. This little option list needs to be embedded within a LeadPages landing page

Is there a tool/service out there that allows embedding this sort of thing into a landing page?

We just want to see a report at the end of the day to see how many people clicked each option (no email address or any other info is required from the visitor). Hoping we dont need to write anything custom from scratch for this.


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    With google analytics 4 you have the ability to track form submissions. There are many tutorials on how to do this. Just google it and you will be overwhelmed at how many tutorials are available on this subject.


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    A combination of Fluent Form on Wordpress - all tracked by GA4 can do this easily.

    A solution to all your backlinks needs : Secret Outreach Club

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