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I'm making pins on piterest to generate traffic to the producer's page and be able to sell as an affiliate. But I noticed that even with some pins exploding in visualization, no one clicks on the link below, even with several calls to action on the pin. I think the description might be missing something that leads leed to click on the link, but even with multiple searches I can't think of a solution or what to write in the description
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  • Well, don't fret too hard DRK-BNNY, because obviously the traffic being directed to your exploding pins you designed, simply aren't seeing a must have product made available, that is an answers to their solution, for what they are searching for in the first place. A more consise, in-depth analysis of the longform keywords being searched, may help you scale your your pins to better match the traffic your receiving. If in doubt, launch a test campaign, to make sure your offering the best product to the prospects viewing your advertising campaigns. Happy hunting!
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    Just focus on the content and need of the viewer. Write eye catchy short description that attract or help the user to find the answer
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    Curious images also can work.
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    I think you can incorporate action-oriented words and phrases that motivate users to take action. Phrases like "Discover more," "Learn how," or "Get started" can be effective.
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  • You can try using chat gpt and see if it comes up with ideas for u to use
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    Improve your Pinterest pins and earn more hits with these tips:

    Your Pinterest pins will appear in product and service searches if they contain keywords. Find the right keywords with Ahrefs or SEMrush.

    Use high-quality photographs related to your product or service on Pinterest. Clear, well-lit, and engaging photos are needed.
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    I have recently ranked a brand new website with social sharing and heavy Pinterest pins. But that niche had lots of images associated with it. Writing good tags and description is also beneficial (ALT Tags if you are going to depend on users to shar it for you)

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  • What do you mean by lots of "visualization". Are the pins getting alot of clicks or are they just getting alot of impressions?
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