What do you use for Webinars?

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Been trying to do more interactive stuff recently, one of which is webinars - did a first one with a partner last week and they're insanely fun.

At the moment we're looking for just text based, kind of like a huge chatroom where we talk (type, really) about a topic and then viewers can ask questions, put in their own points etc. We used Ustream for the first but while it went well, a big problem is they don't keep conversation history so we couldn't copy and paste it to send to people that missed the webinar.

Any help? I know a few on here do webinars, I'm basically just looking for a way to setup a free to attend online chatroom of sorts, which doesn't require people to download anything and keeps history of the entire conversation. If I can't find anything will probably have to go with GoToWebinar $100/month option but I'm hoping someone on here has a way to save $1,200 a year for what we want, which is something very simple.

Thanks in advance for any help
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    webex.com is $50/month for many (most?) needs

    vyew.com has a free option, but also has some paid options.
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    dimdim is another option you may want to go with. They have free and paid options.

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    GoTo Webinar I use, not cheap but good

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      I did an extensive research and decided on gotowebinar.com which is what I use now.

      A close second for a free option is dimdim. It is good if you will have a small group.
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        Another vote for Go To Webinar.
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          One quick point with using gotowebinar, if you can't afford it, then you can do some type of partnership arrangement with a friend and have them to pay half if not all the fee.

          Then the both of you can use it.
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    I like Gotowebinar. It's a proven winner and it's used a lot. You should sign up for the 30 day free trial. Then you can cancel if you don't want it. In a couple weeks of cancellation, they will email you with a discounted offer. That's what happened to me and I love using them. Not to mention, you can record your webinars.
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