Checking the WSO Pulse: Still a Goldmine?

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Hey Warriors,

I had several successful WSOs in the past (pre- takeover). How's the WSO section performing since Freelancer's takeover? Noticed any significant changes in sales dynamics? Better or Worse?


Michael Silvester
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    Michael, the WSO market has changed significantly since you used to post, in line with the change in forum numbers and nature of the forum membership. You'll see this for yourself if you check out the offers and activity in that section.

    That's not to say that quality WSOs can't do well - just don't expect the same kind of response you might have received 10 years ago.

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      Looking at the frequency of postings on the main discussion forum, it seems a lot less active than it used to be.

      Roger Davis

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        Originally Posted by ExRat View Post

        Looking at the frequency of postings on the main discussion forum, it seems a lot less active than it used to be.
        I haven't had a WSO in years. And since you and the OP are more or less old timers returning to the WF, a question to ask might be, do you want the Warrior of today as a customer? And, of course, many would say of course...their money spends too.

        The forum is less active, can't speak to the amount of biz the WSO section generates, obviously people are paying to run ads, and it appears some have been running for months.

        I just wonder if I were active today, would I want today's Warrior as a customer? Probably not.

        But if you have some hope, and some proof, it may be a very good place to fish.

        I think the days of the Whales are long gone here, but some sardines or anchovies might still be here.

        Good luck to any Warrior and the WSO section, hope you do well with it.

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  • So, ima hostin' the WF Get-Got-Togethah Night as hostess, tryin' miraculously naht to fall ovah as I so do.

    "Yanno what counts," I query ofya all, bcs I left muh script in the dressin' room. * pauses diligently for heartilistic impression * Then says:

    Oh yeah, found the script now.

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    How stoopid does that make nowan?

    Guess that all depends on whethah you want no kinda choice as an audience.

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    All you gotta do is focus.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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