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by Glenn Newsome 9 replies
In the old forum there was a "Members" search function. Is there one here that I am not noticing or is it gone now?
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    It's actually gone now. Just removed a little while ago. While it was handy in some cases it was also a bomb waiting to go off.

    If you need further details PM me...
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    I guess adding friends will be more important now if you spot a warrior you want to remember.

    The only problem with that is that they may not want to add you ;-)
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      Damn, that was a handy little tool. Only takes one turd to ruin it for everyone.

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    Damn! That's a shame, I use to always use it.....

    I'm guessing it's because someone PM'ed everybody using it for spam?

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    Let me guess! This is due to the JERKS that were using it to spam/scam people, huh? I got some nobody else did because they figured I owned the BBS because I was such a prolific poster.(BTW Steven, CONGRATULATIONS! You went from #3 to #1 practically overnight! I went from #1 to #3! OH WELL, YOU get to play Jack Klugman's character as the pool player, to my Jackie Gleason, on the twilight zone! 8-)) Don't worry, it was all garbage, or close to it. I may have done Allen a favor there!

    MAN, if not for the fact that they may exist to some degree someplace, and there are idiot SPAMMERS/SCAMMERS, I would start making a list of all the potential that has been lost in the past decade on the internet, to let people know what has been tried, and the TRUE cost of this garbage. I am not even talking about things that were never done because of them! I am only talking about things that were REMOVED! Just yesterday, I was talking to a coworker that said "Did you know you could...". I said "YEP, many... but they have started LOCKING IT UP because people ...". BTW that ONE feature could have, if used properly, ended world hunger, ended suffering, etc.... ALAS, we will NEVER know what could have been.

    Just THINK! One of those scammers/spammers may die a painful death, or a loved one may get a horrific illness, SIMPLY because they tried to sell one "v1gr4te" pill too many! You might not see the connection, but BELIEVE ME! I am not talking about something that maybe could have happened in the future! I am talking about things that have ALREADY happened in the PAST!

    I apologize for the vagueness, and some here may already know about all these things, but they ARE ways to scam/spam.

    And look at GOOGLE! So much is GARBAGE!

    And people can blame capitalism all they want, but many of those people are CLEARLY from third world countries, etc...., so it is FAR from being all capitalist.

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