Ebay Classifieds - anyone using successfully?

by cato
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I haven't been able to find any good information about using Ebay classified ads, is anyone having success?
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    nope, sounds like its worth looking into.

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      I have just been looking at some eBay classified listings where one fellow has just over $1K in two days and 28 left to run. another has taken in just over $400 in a day or so and the last one I looked at has done $500 with about 19 hours left to run on a 30 day listing. Some folks are making money. I just posted my first classified listing and am going to try it and see.

      Tim Pears

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        Obviously I am, I've written a guide about it.

        The trick to using it successfully is to think of your classified ad as your landing page and your title as your ad.

        The title really is the key to getting lots of views so make sure you use lots of keywords in it.

        I've given some tips over on my blog:

        Getting Started With Classified Ads on eBay

        3 eBay Classified Ad Tips for more Cash in your Pocket

        Which eBay Classified Ad?s Get the Most Clicks?

        Hope they help!
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          I have Tracey's ebook. I had three sales for a clickbank product.

          Only problem is that classifieds ads are only allowed in few categories.

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            Originally Posted by blackjack View Post

            I have Tracey's ebook. I had three sales for a clickbank product.
            3 to 4 sales is about normal to begin with. So if your commission is $30 per sale, you'll make $90-$120 from each ad (less your $10 to place the ad) therefore $80 - $110 profit per ad.

            Now if you have 10 ads running at the same time, that's 10x the profit and so on. Of course not all clickbank products do well on ebay, some do better than others.

            I just think classifieds are a heck of a lot cheaper than ppc for promoting clickbank products.

            But I mainly use classifieds to build my mailing lists and THAT is where I make most of my money - on the back end.

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    Don't forget the classifieds on eBay can be a great way to build a list too. The linking policies are more liberal. Just like any other online advertising a major key is writing strong, keyword rich headlines so that your listing draws traffic. If you cost out your subscribers, you might find you can get subscribers for less than $.50, which is great if you are good at selling to your list.

    Jim Cockrum has put out some good info on this topic.
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    I use it to good success.

    It's very hard to go wrong with Ebay classified ads - as long as you're willing to keep testing.

    At only $10 for a 30 day ad - that can be changed - it's hard not to eventually find the right combo of category, product and ad and make a very decent profit off a $10 investment.

    And then multiply your ads!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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