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Hey all,

I am in the process of marketing a product called the magic of making up by a bum marketer.

I was given some advice on how to market this product but would like other marketing members input on this subject.

If possible, could you point me in a direction I could take to market this product?


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    Get that product, read through it, then get a couple others that are competitors and read through them. Then set up a review page, tout the good points, be sure to throw in some negatives or you'll be perceived as unbelievable, and push the one you're marketing. But only if it really is the best of the three. If you think another one is better, promote it.

    Then use article marketing to push pre-sold traffic to the review page. You'll convert extremely well if you take the time to offer honest, no-holds-barred reviews and solid reasons to buy the one you like best.

    Of course, you could become an affiliate of all three that you review, but don't forget to acknowledge any negatives you honestly believe each one possesses. You'll still do well as long as you explain the positives in glowing terms.

    Sorry to be long here, but that's the model I think works best for the long term.

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