Any Facebook experts here?

by Gee S
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Hey guys,

Just wondering if there are any facebook experts around on the WF. I've got a fan page which I'm struggling to get fans to. Does anyone have any tips that would help?

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    Faceboook has a ton of filters. Even worse than Myspace. Take it from someone who's been suspended from FB before. Luckily I got my account back but I learned the hard way that if you want to advertise your page only add about 20 people per day MAX and it's usually best to use their PPC or CPM advertising they have to promote your page to a target market.
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    I don't want to do anything unethical so I can't see how I could get banned. I'm looking for it to go viral. Just wondering if there were any tips are tricks I could use....
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    Actually, basically as with anything: a) Make sure you have a good offer/something useful b) Tell your friends about it, & ask them to tell their friends about it, etc, etc. The above two are the main free methods. If you want to pay, you can always advertise (whether its facebook ads, or other means). And you can get as many new people as you wish per day, providing it is done ethically. If you start using friend adders, or anything like that, that tends to get detected very quickly, and subsequently removed. So if you do it honestly, you should be a-ok. Good luck!
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    join a lot of groups in that niche and discuss your fan page there. That should get you some fans.
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    It's hard to make something go viral on Facebook. Think of the hundreds of thousands of fan pages, apps, games, etc they have on the site and think of how many of them you have seen go viral. Maybe 20? Still, it's doable. But if you don't want to do anything spammy you're going to have to have something really really appealing. That way, your friends will share with their friends. The best way to gain a good following is when people tell their friends about you. So if you have a few hundred friends, send them a friendly message asking them to tell all their friends about you. Once their friends join, you should have a few thousand more friends and then you could send that message again and your friends list will explode.
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    Yeh that's the way im looking to go, I want it to be legit. Just got to craft and put some elbow grease in. But any more tips would be welcome...
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