How Much Credibility is Needed?

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Niche marketing Question...

How much personal credibility is needed to effectively and successfully market to a niche?

In the IM niche, for example, I'm assuming you need to have successfully DONE what it is you're offering to teach or show. And you'd demonstrate that credibility through proof of earnings screenshots, testimonials, etc.

What about if you're marketing to pet owners? or antique collectors?

And, in my case, what about if you're getting into the self-improvement niche?

I want to develop not only an IM business, but also a speaking business, around self-improvement and personal development issues. My interests are in self-esteem, leadership, and overcoming adversity. General motivation type stuff.

So, I start to target the types of groups that may be interested in that message.

What kind of credibility is essential to market to those groups?

For example, if I wanted to speak on leadership to association executives, do I myself need to be an association exec or have been one? If I want to speak on self-esteem to sales professionals, do I need to have been a sales pro myself with a track record in sales?
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    what kind of training do you think politicians have?
    its all smoke and mirrors
    if you know some stuff better than anybody else and can communicate that stuff to other people you will earn your creds that way
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    They say that 90 percent is about presentation and it is amazing how often this is true. Look at some of the big internet launches that have been very successful. The product itself can sometimes turn out to be very mediocre, but the hype takes it to the bank.

    On the other hand there are some gems out there that are poorly marketed. And being a "true expert" is often times not required.

    It's amazing how much you can learn by studying other people's products and approaches.

    Another thought, a good way to get testimonials is to give free copies to people in the niche, in exchange for a fair testimonial. Taking the time to do this step can help you have a much stronger launch.


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    Hi Brian,

    There are a couple of ways to gain credibility in the motivation - self-improvement field as a speaker.

    Before moving up to the executives and sales professionals, start on a smaller scale. In your city there will be many opportunities to give free talks to groups like young adult organizations, Jaycees, chamber of commerce, church groups, etc.

    In exchange for speaking you want to get testimonial letters from the head of the organization and some members who are willing.

    Create a website/blog where you share your inspirational stories. Put your testimonials on the site.

    Networking is also key in this field. Create some business cards and get involved with some associations and organizations that will have people who could use your services.

    Creating a book or ebook will help big time in being seen as an expert.

    I would suggest a couple of books that may also help: Speak and Grow Rich by Dottie Walters & Lilly Walters and Success Secrets of the Motivational Superstarts by Michael Jeffreys. Speak and Grow Rich gives a step by step guide that I found very helpful.

    I've been doing motivational speaking since the 1980's, when I was in my 20's. My education and career provided me with a certain amount of credibility. I was an Aide to a U.S. Senator for several years, ran the largest small business development center in my state for another 10+ years and spent the majority of my career as a management consultant, in addition to teaching small business development at a major university. It also hasn't hurt that I've been a martial arts instructor for over 20 years.

    But even without all of that I know other speakers with far less background that are successful in this field. So much of what it has to do with is, how compelling and inspirational your story is.

    Wishing you much success,


    Brian "Zanti" Alexzander
    Brian Alexzander ~ Irie To The Highest - Respect
    "Irie"...the ultimate positive, powerful, pleasing, all encompassing quality/vibration

    A Candle Never Loses Any Of Its Own Light... By Lighting Another Candle

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      Thanks, Zanti, for a very helpful post! Much appreciated.

      By the way, do you tie the martial arts into your speaking/marketing?

      And, curiously, which martial art do you specialize in? When I have more time (i know that's a cliche phrase), I'd like to get into that. My goals are to get in shape, build confidence, find a stress relief, and learn practical self-defense techniques. Re: the latter, I prefer non-violent defense techniques, like pressure points, etc.
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    Give a review copy to fellow warriors here when you create a product in exchange for testimonials. Do a local event for free and video record it and get video testimonials from that. Start your own web radio show on and use to get guests on your show. You can get testimonials from them too, after you make friends with them. These are both free tools and have amazing results.
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    No problem Brian,

    Very good advice RockStar and good info. I forgot about blogtalkradio.

    Brian, all marital arts are non-violent. And yes I use martial arts in everything that I do, speaking, marketing etc. I live the way of a martial artist which is never about violence, it's about Honor, knowing oneself and a source greater than ourselves. I think you know what I mean.

    My base art is Tang Soo Do, I've trained in many arts over the last 25 years - Kali, Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Western Boxing, Jujutsu, and two African & Brazilian arts - Capoeira and Aha Saki and a little Dim-Mak and Chin Na.

    Just like IM you have to make time. You will when it's right.


    Brian "Zanti" Alexzander
    Brian Alexzander ~ Irie To The Highest - Respect
    "Irie"...the ultimate positive, powerful, pleasing, all encompassing quality/vibration

    A Candle Never Loses Any Of Its Own Light... By Lighting Another Candle

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      Originally Posted by Zanti View Post

      Brian, all marital arts are non-violent.
      You're right. I remember learning that from my 8th grade Tae Kwon Do class too. :-) I guess what I meant was something not oriented toward kicking, punching, etc. Something perhaps like Judo? or Jujitsu?

      I'm impressed with all the fields/approaches you've studied. And I can see how it would definitely help you in your speaking, writing, and marketing.
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