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Is it best to set up all the plugins on my WP blog before I write any posts or can I go back and make changes to plugins after I have posted?
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    The most important thing is to write a good and unique articles.
    You don't have to think now about plugins, so my advice is to use plugins later
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      Consider adding some of the more essential plugins now (SEO, Spam, etc.) and add others as you need or want them.

      Search this forum for some great plugin suggestions and go with those that meet your blogs needs.
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    Get writing first, you can always change and edit plugins at any point via your plugin section on Wordpress
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    Get your plugins sorted first especially the permalinks ones for seo
    before you write anything
    also publish to a schedule dont publish a post immediately
    make a schedule
    that way google likes you better
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      At first, plugins are not really important, but your WP config is. Get your permalinks structure right and set your ping list.

      I'd get at least 5 posts online before I went to any of the SEO plugins. Then choose the standard ones like All in One, XML Sitemaps, WP-backup, etc.

      Bill Davis
      Chief Marketing Officer, SoMoLo Marketing

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    Install plugins which will modify your permalinks and titles first.
    Then start writing. Along the way, install the rest of the plugins as and when you find them.
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      Install as you go along.

      Plugins I recommend.

      All In One SEO Pack
      Amazon Reloaded for WordPress
      Amazon Showcase
      Contact Form 7
      Easy Privacy Policy
      phpZon Pro Plugin
      phpBay Pro Plugin
      Related Posts by Category
      Robots Meta
      Simple Pull Quote
      Subscribe To "Double-Opt-In" Comments
      TweetMeme Retweet Button
      WordPress Database Backup


      Owner bestfivereviewed.com

      Started this stuff 2009. Time is what will teach you the skills you need.

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    Make sure you change your permalink structure first, Settings>>Permalinks>>Choose Custom Structure>>past this in the entry bar /%postname%/
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    WordPress is very forgiving, you can add and disable plugins pretty much any time with no problem. Be sure to set your permalinks and add sites to ping, and also include a sitemap plugin.
    Ally Woodrum
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    Never forget the Backup plugin. Usually with static websites you have a copy on your hard drive but not with blogs. If you have a crash you've lost a lot of work. Backup and save the misery.
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    Why not go ahead and activate the plugins before you start posting? If you have the right plugins, which the ones listed in the previous posts are some of the best, you will get the most out of each post.

    Good luck,

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    I have found from experience that a good site structure is one of the most important aspects of building a site.
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    You could write your posts first and save them in MS Word or Notepad (or simply save them as drafts on WP), and you could install the plugins at the same time.

    Some plugins help with the SEO so you may wanna get those up first. But as mentioned, WP allows yu to activate and deactivate plugins as and when you wanna.

    Remember to backup regularly.

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