Complete IM Newbie Product/Project - What's The Fast And Honest Way To Make Money Online?

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Working on my first product. I am a newbie myself and want to create a micro continuity program for the "complete IM newbie" and am looking for some good honest "quick" short secrets and/or tips to help the IM newbie succeed.

I am looking for any tips on any part of the Internet Marketing business model/process that you have had success with and actually made money. The type of tip or secret that you would tell your best friend....

Thank you in advance for your help......=)
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    Do things which you know well. Focus on strategies and areas where you are strong.
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      Put yourself in the public eye with a compelling enough reason for them to want to give you money. Example a forum signature. That's one method.

      Personally I used that one line to make sense of something and made my first $100+ day.

      Second suggestion.

      Build a transformative website that gets high traffic and monetize with whatever is known to be working.

      Only 2 short suggestions but they narrow down the huge overview to two simple concepts.


      Started this stuff 2009. Time is what will teach you the skills you need.

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    Depending on how much money you have to dedicate towards IM theres a few different ways you can get started.

    A popular way to get started is using Bum Marketing techniques including article writing. To do this you can sign up at a site like and promote their products through articles you write for sites like
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    Interview IM celebrities and strike a deal with them, gee... Now I'd like to do this myself..................
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