Articles Published - Good or Bad?

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I've just started getting into article marketing to promote offers. My links direct people to a landing page (I'm not trying to get it ranked in google), and from the landing page to the offer.

I just got 10 articles approved by Ezines today and 4 of them have apparently been published... is this good or bad? Basically, I want to know what it means for me.. I'm worried that it means people are just taking my content and changing the links so that I won't get traffic to my landers. Is this what it means to be published?

Sorry if its a stupid question, I used the search function and couldn't find anything, although I'm sure it's there.

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    If you don't publish it, traffic from published articles = 0.
    If you publish it, traffic = total potential traffic - traffic stolen = greater than 0.

    Which is better?
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      Okay so when someone else publishes my article they're just taking it and putting it somewhere else on the web? If that's the case I don't mind at all, I just thought articles getting published mean they're taking the content without the resource box.

      Thanks =)
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    Argh, now it says 9 out of 10 of my articles have been published. I'm hoping this is a good thing that will bring more traffic, but I'm still uncertain what it means
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    See above.
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    Yes, the publishers will include the whole article, including the resource/bio box. Except the minority who are unscrupulous.
    Keep writing those articles!
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      Ezine articles takes time before they publish your articles, which they publish them to their site. If someone uses one of your articles they are supposed to keep your bio intact and put at the bottom of your article. If they don't you have the right to tell them to remove the article or give you credit. Take a look at this site, it will help you with Plagiarism. ""
      Trust God and God Bless You All
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