I'm tired of western marketing philosophy...

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Hi Warriors,

After many books I have read from western marketing and sales "gurus" I found that they are more or less telling the same story...rewriting theories...

I would like to refresh my knowledge and to read some eastern authors...
To see how people in Russia, China or Japan trade and what they think about marketing.

Do you know some authors from eastern hemisphere that don't have influence from west?

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    Sales are sales. It comes down to the human nature. Sure, there are cultural differences but the "theory" is about human nature which a universal constant. I'm quite good in Russian, have about 30 programming books in Russian. I've learned some important lessons in programming from these books. But I've never even considered getting a book about marketing in Russian. They have a broken tradition. Russia and China didn't/don't have an open and fair market during the socialism. I believe the inventions come from the need. Tall people don't invent ladders - short people do.

    James B. Allen has written a $7 report on things he noticed in Japan. I found it by accident:
    Japanese Sales Secrets Revealed
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    "The Art of War"
    which was then morphed into
    "The Art of Business"

    ...both of which you can find on Amazon.com

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