Create your own business model, or choose one which best fits you.

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My Holiday gift to you Warriors: Make an informed decision.

In order to make an informed decision on your business model, you need to know the many choices you have. So here is some help, hardly comprehensive, but at least you'll get some ideas. Lets start with the HOLIDAY model.

I call upon 6 decades of work experience...My Uncle Frank; CHRISTMAS TREES. Ol Unc made upwards of 50 thousand dollars selling Christmas trees, and thousands more with his pumpkin patch. He was a HOLIDAY Entrepreneur, and probably unusual too. Among we active Warriors, I count savidge4 in this group of multiple business at the same time Entrepreneurs...and that is a great model for those who are good at time management and juggling schedules.

Most of us, myself included, have a hard enough time with just one business...anyhow...Ol Unc's HOLDIAY MODEL meant he had time limited sales opportunity, I don't recall him selling a Christmas tree at Valentine's Day.

In addition to the Pumpkin Patch and Christmas trees, he did cuttings and flowers in the early spring, selling seeds, and holding a few plant patents, which were leased yearly.

So this model has a few TIMES a year of very busy activity, and produces large sums of money in short periods of time. Hickory Farms used this model for decades with kiosks in Malls, doing over 85% of their business between Thanksgiving and Jan. 15.

This model requires INVENTORY, and location is important too. Gift Certificates can really give you a surge in your business at the Holidays, I had Gift Certs to my golf shop and sold thousands of dollars worth in a month, which kept me busy through the winter months at my inside facility. Hallmark Cards has mostly a HOLIDAY MODEL, but covers birthdays and events too. A good study of constant & surge biz model.

My sister is an artist in S. FL and she did very well at the holidays too with custom made artwork. The problem was/is, the demand can get very high, even overwhelming, with these boutique type businesses, be prepared to have high prices, which isn't a bad idea.

Other models to consider are low cost often vs high cost occasional.

The model I settled upon circa 2004 was low cost four times a year, with two low cost specials twice a year. I set this up to match my wants and needs, especially surges of moolah between TIME on the beach, at the pond, in the woods...away from people.

As you are looking to build you Internet business, spend some time to get to know the many, many models that exist, I think most new Warriors lack the vision, or the knowledge of the things which they could be doing, an example would be the market of Intellectual Properties...even though many want to start with AFFILIATE marketing, they don't get it, that they are dealing with IP commodities for the most part, selling on commission someone's IP.

Creating and CONTROLLING your IP is another model we see successfully operated online.

It comes back around to taking time to know what you want and why you want it...then the choices become clearer. In 2004 I was overwhelmed with people contact because I had set the business up in a way which was WRONG for me. So we trimmed a five figure buyers list down to four, and then trimmed that down to the top 2500 repeaters...and then I had my model in place: a low cost specialty report once a quarter, with a twice a year specialty report which was targeted to Christmas and July.

I knew I would have surges of cash for a couple of weeks, then get quiet and I could do other things.

LOW cost items sold often...unless you have a known buyers list of regular buyers, this is hard row to hoe. An example of this is found in the Warriors PATH section and Kudos to arrt72 for sharing his journey...selling low cost items is a grind, with a lot of slop and mess unless you have a guaranteed supply and known buyers. We see this model a lot with eBay and Craigslist, a lot of slop and mess.

HIGH cost items sold now and then, for example selling a yacht, and with the very highest cost items like planes, yachts, expensive cars, there is a layer of brokers too, although it is an industry which pays finders fees. In effect, that is what one can view affiliate marketing as...someone pays you a finders fee to bring them a buyer. It is, however, their buyer, not yours.

Things to consider when choosing your business model are supply, profitability, TIME (slop and mess).

There are hundreds of ways to vary any given model, which again, brings us around to making better choices at the beginning of the journey rather than getting bogged down in the quicksand (or BS) you find yourself in after starting from someone's model which doesn't fit you.

Any questions or comments welcome.

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