Share examples of successful domain/website rebranding stories?

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Facebook rebranding to meta.
Twitter rebranding to X.

Not sure if these are success stories or not.

Have you rebranded a domain/website yourself or know of other rebrands, how did it turn out?
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    Mailchimp's rebrand paved the way for its massive $12B acquisition by Intuit.

    Previously mailchimp's 'squiggly font' brand was linked to a smaller niche of b2b users

    Its chimp logo reflected its 'mass adoption' strategy

    It worked so well the company got bought out
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    One which i know he rebrand Mr Zinger to Dippit Cafe and now he is successful businessman.
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    i did once a small blog to big website with 30k hits daily
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    I changed the name of mine and I think it was a good move. However, the old name was just as good and probably just as valuable. Anyway, I'd really like to develop both names but I need to re-register the old one.
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    It's a great point to discuss. I just want to add that taking steps to make changes and improve yourself is a good idea. I believe rebranding can make things more popular.
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    I don't think it's a successful story. perhaps because of these discussions, they have become more popular, but most people remember them as they used to be. It was assumed that the rebranding would not completely change them, but only complement them
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    Twitter ain't the same any more. I wish they rebranded and improved it. Or is it only me who finds X not as same as ol' - (should actually be more better).
    Stay Healthy all your Life, and Avoid Lifesty Diseases Later in Life. Enjoy life to the fullest.
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    I get Digital Products with Resell Rights License and been selling them for years without a website.
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