Lets Help the Newbies Thread

by gareth 24 replies
Lets give some sound advice to help newbies.

Newbies - Overcome your fears.

EG: dont be scared to do stuff and get held back

Here are the most basic things you have to do at first.

1. Obviously you need domains and hosting.

2. Signup with getresponse or aweber - DONT PUT IT OFF !!!

3. Use wordpress - not static sites if you need free traffic.

Thats my 3 bits of newbie advice - who wants to add more ???
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    After you're done with wordpress set up, write at least one quality post everyday, just to start off.

    Get used to stumbleupon, hubpages, digg, sphinn etc and spare 5 minutes to bookmark your updates.

    There are many tips for newbies :-) Will surely add again once I get few minutes.

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    1. Connect with bloggers and internet marketers

    2. Use your blog address in your forum sig (don't spam)

    3. Comment on other blogs

    4. Write articles and submit to article directories

    5. Install "All in one seo plugin"

    6. Write linkbait content (top notch content)

    7. Write guest posts on blogs with huge audience

    8. Create an a short report and give it to those who optin

    9. Understand social media sites before you start using and don't over promote your content

    10. Help your readers, subscribers and people you see in the forums
    Sit back and relax, while you take advantage of this freelance writer.
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    Great idea for a thread.

    I have just set up a new site (in sig) which is a wordpress ( wp) site. I am still having a few issues with getting it right for instance the pages still look like a blog because they have reply/comments.

    I placed wp in my root directory and also have a wp in a blog directory. This will need sorting.

    I'm also a little concerned about how secure wp is when using for a site .

    I have a form to collect information which is linked to my aweber account. I'm not sure how to create a form which when submitted would be sent back to my email adddress rather than aweber.

    If anyone has a quick fix to answer these questions that would be great but is there a relatively simple wordpress guide that could help with these issues and making the most of wp? I have bought "Wordpress for dummies" but don't find it that easy to put everything together from it. Maybe I just need to sit down and work through it methodically or maybe I'm just too dum even for that.

    Thanks for any help.
    All the best,

    Easiest, fastest way I know, and working for countless others to create an online income.
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    Great topic!

    Teleseminars...they're fun and easy to learn from. I'm involved in one at: www.8WeeksAway.com

    Good luck to everyone.
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      cool post.

      Thanks for the info. Looking forward to more good tips....

      "One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor

      "I Pay Less Attention to What Men Say. I Just Watch What They Do."
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        Don't try to be all things to all people. Most who try, fail!

        Focus! Focus! Focus!

        This is one of the oldest cliches in the book but it still holds true:

        Plan your work and work your plan.

        Learn one thing at a time. Most of us can't learn everything all at once.

        Elmer Hurlstone
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    Can it be that easy?

    1. Get a YOURNAME . COM
    2. Sign up with a hostgator/monsterhost/bluehost whatever (should it have C-panel and fantastico to bring in WP?)
    3. Sign-up with WP.org
    4. Bring in WPorg Blog--I found a free theme I like,is that done after you bring in WP?

    I am very grateful to you warriors who have broken it down for us. Each time I pick up something new. Still thinkng of a domain name and also in what area I will focus.

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    Read this forum a lot and dont give up.
    I was tempted to give up a lot when I first started but im so happy I didnt.

    Its a tough game but its rewarding.
    Owh yeah....be prepared to read a sh!tload of articles, ebooks, threads etc and dont be afraid after failing 1 time.
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      1. Work on your mindset
      2. Learn to sell
      "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
      ~ Zig Ziglar
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        Hey Lance, your avatar looks quite similar to Jose...very cute. :p

        Ok, back to the thread..for newbies, dont be afraid to ask questions as there is no such thing as silly question.

        If there is, then I am a silly person because I cant imagine the tons of "silly questions I still ask today...

        Move a step forward. Imagine a question a day will place you 365 steps ahead after a whole year of asking questions.

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          Originally Posted by jhongren View Post

          Hey Lance, your avatar looks quite similar to Jose...very cute. :p
          John, thanks. I think. Jose gave me the link to the site to create the avatar. I really need to get a real picture back up, but I'm having trouble finding a decent one.
          "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
          ~ Zig Ziglar
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            Originally Posted by Lance K View Post

            John, thanks. I think. Jose gave me the link to the site to create the avatar. I really need to get a real picture back up, but I'm having trouble finding a decent one.
            You are welcome... I am sure the best Avatar is your real picture.
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              My suggestion to newbies is to learn how to market. If you have previous skills in offline marketing then you are ahead of the game. After all, this is Internet Marketing.

              Learn how to market products. Learn from the best. Find the best marketer you know and study him/her. Study their copy, writing style, and overall marketing formula.

              Learn how to write copy. Gaining this skill will save you lots of time and money, in the long run.

              Find a great mentor. It's easy to get overwhelmed if you are new to Internet Marketing. A mentor will help you focus your efforts on getting results and away from all the other distractions that can take away from your success.

              Lastly, remember this post. You may read it today, pay attention then after a short while you will forget all about it and re-enter the "land of the lost." Don't let this happen to you. Come back... regroup... and organize a daily plan of attack.

              Good luck!
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                I think finding a mentor is important - but I'll add to that advice. Not everyone is going to understand your learning style/personal style so it could take a while to find someone!

                I am at the stage where this thread is very helpful, so thanks for posting it.
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    For newbies on a budget, my advice would be:
    "Train yourself to enjoy writing"

    Each one of us has our own special way of doing
    that. You will have to figure it on your own.

    But why should you enjoy writing? Trust me, you
    will have to write TONS for your IM career.

    I never really enjoyed writing when I was in high
    school. Now I do, because I know writing makes me
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  • Profile picture of the author David Raybould
    Hi Gareth, good idea for a thread.

    I always thought it may be cool to have a newbie subforum where we could sticky a thread like this. Even though some of this stuff is rudimentary and obvious to experienced marketers, there's bound to be a few golden nuggets for those starting out.

    Anyway, my two cents...

    1- Learn a method of driving traffic that works. Stick with it until you know your new sites will never be starved...

    2- Learn the basics of copywriting. Traffic + Copywriting skills = cash.

    If you learn both of these skills you will never go hungry.

    Hope someone finds this useful.

    Killer Emails. Cash-spewing VSLs. Turbocharged Landing Pages.

    Whatever you need, my high converting copy puts more money in your pocket. PM for details. 10 years experience and 9 figure revenues.
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    A domain name, a hosting account and an auto responder for starters.

    Tom Lindstrom

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    Originally Posted by gareth View Post

    Newbies - Overcome your fears.

    It's like gas for cars. Without it, you cannot test anything.
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    We are talking Newbies here - So

    Learn How To Drive Traffic.
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      Take some advice with a pinch of salt, and don't rely too heavily on posts made here and, products published by other Internet marketers. Once you have some good advice, and you have a direction you want to go in, go and do it. Let the statistics and the numbers you get do the talking. The numbers are the best advisors you'll ever get.
      "Better a student of reality than a master of illusion"
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    Good thread thanks for the info, havent really considered using wordpress as as site but have heard it is good also for CMS
    www.getsuccessdownloads.com For Free downloads from success gurus
    Register A New Company Taking the hassle out of new company start ups
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  • Profile picture of the author Tim Russ
    My advice to newbies? It almost always looks harder than it really is. Newbies tend to mystify the process and they think, "Can it really be this easy?" What they need to be doing is DOING something.

    Yes, you need a plan but it doesn't have to be more than a list of 5 items. When you get those 5 items finished make another list.

    Often just taking action is the equivalent of breaking a naval blockade in your mind. Once you break through that barrier it crumbles and is left far behind. You'll find that your so busy DOING that you don't have the time to spend THINKING and PLANNING.

    Active peope are successful people.

    Now, go do something!

    “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you're right” -Henry Ford

    Need direct help from a real person? PM me or Contact me. I'll help if I can. http://www.timruss.com/members/contact-me/

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