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Hi all!

I'm fairly new to this cold emailing approach so hoping to get your views on a set up I have in place that's creating more issues than progress.

I've got a number of email domain set up through IONOS(I really don't like them so far). SPF added, DMARC added. DKIM not supported.
- 4 SMTP (3-4 weeks old)
- 1 SMTP (>1 year old)
- 2 EXCHANGE 2019 (1>year old)
- 10 EXCHANGE 2019 (3-4 weeks old)

I have checked both IP and domain for blacklisting and they seem to be fine.

I have an account with SalesHandy for the email campaign and they are fairly ok I would say. They definitely have a lot of interesting features and based on their algorithm my campaign is getting 75/100 quality wise.

I have a list of aprox 2000 subscribers, all checked email addresses, most are good, some are risky(according to the SalesHandy check).

Unfortunately I do encounter some issues.
- many of the emails do not reach the recipients(inbox or spam) and just go missing. I've been getting a lot of reports from old contacts that I have worked with in the past that they are not getting our emails anymore.
- some of the new EXCHANGE 2019 get disconnected from the campaign as soon as I add them without sending any emails

Any pointers would be definitely appreciated.
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    considering the recent changes in Gmail and Yahoo, DKIM is a must (besides SPF and DMARC).
    In addition, try using tools such as Mail tester or similar to analyze your emails. They usually provide good insights.
    Google postmaster tools may also help.
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    You said DKIM not supported, perhaps that's the reason. Have you read about google and yahoo announce new requirements for email delivery?
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    I agree that DKIM plays a crucial role, but it seems there might be additional issues causing your emails to be queued within the MTA. If you're using your own MTA server check queues as well.
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