Quick and dirty guide to selling items on ebay?

by BillyBee 2 replies
I have inherited a large number of high-quality hardback books and would like to sell them on ebay.

Can anyone direct me to a quick guide on the ins and outs to doing that? I'm not looking for extensive information --just the basics like whether to sell them via auctions or through the "buy it now" option, etc.

Thanks for any help. I got these books free so I'm just looking to get them up and sold without tons of effort.
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    Unfortunately Billy things aren't as simple as you may think and a little work on your part is required. I would rather sell using the buy now option rather than using the auction method. Of course that depends on the rarity and value of the books.
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      I would want to know what type of books first. EBay may or may not be the best venue to get rid of them for the best money.

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