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Hi there,

I like to read a lot about IM and all, but I have a question, because someone told me that if I'm going for SEO, I should do something like this:

Find a keyword you want to go for, and I know there is a lot of keyword suggestion tools, but I don't want to use this for this example...

So I find a keyword, I'm going to search google to check out the results, okay the results are 780.000... Now I want to check the inlinks for some of the top positions:

So I go to and type: link:, and the inlinks are 300-500 for the top positions.

So now my question is... Is this an easy target? Is this something which is worth using hours of SEO on? The daily searches is 1700 by the way..

Results on google: 780.000
Inlinks on yahoo: 300-500 for top positions
Daily searches: 1700

Would you go for it? and is the method even relyable?
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    Only you can decide whether you want to go for it or not.

    But you certainly have 'part' of the blueprint since you know how many links, but more importantly where those links are coming from, that the top sites have.

    You can't just go and get the same number of links because you'll get a different result. If you want the same result you'll need incoming links from the same places as the top sites.

    Next you need to analyse the internal SEO of the top sites. How many times do they have the keyword on a page, in their site. How many pages does their site have, etc etc etc

    Then you'll have 'most' of the blueprint you need. Of course there is still other things to consider like age of the top site domains, domain names themselves, PR ..

    ahh ain't SEO fun.
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    what you are doing is good to size up your competition to see if the ones dominating the keyword are 500 pound gorillas or can they be toppled easliy with a little more SEO than they did

    Lately to find the hidden markets and low competition I have been using a totally different method of digging these hidden markets

    You need to search around with what I call keyword triggers

    type in the keyword phrase "how to" into any keyword tool and see what people are looking for daily, you will see some interesting things people are looking for from there dig further once you see the market has little competition then use the technique to find if your competition can be toppled.

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