Why Guru's like Fank kern,Mike Filsaime,Brad Fallon

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These people are not gurus just people like you and me and they have made a great name for them selfs from other great people like you and me.And doing what they do best IM.

So my ?

Will you be the next and if so why and in what field.
if you ask yourself this ? the next time you think GURU
then you may have a crack at a Biz in IMing
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    Funny you should point this out

    I remember many of them use to frequent here in the old warrior forum

    way before Mike Filsaime got big, I remember signing up for his list and I still remember how he was building his list with very cheap offers just to get his list built up

    he was a hustler every where you turned he was promoting something for little money building that list till one day it all clicked for him.

    all of them started small, but they kept getting in front of the traffic till it reached critical mass.

    I find people starting off are not getting this done, they are afraid to market what they are selling and many of them get into the money making market when they themselves are not making money

    if they want to be successful there is so many other markets out there that make money in obsure niches with lots of traffic and still have low competition

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    I think there's a lot of misguided focus when it comes to 'Gurus'.

    I don't understand why people think these guys are so different. I know a lot of beginners don't have confidence in their abilities, but now is as good a time as ever to do well using IM.

    I've seriously reduced the amount of IM niche related stuff I do for the last few years as there are so many desparate people wanting stuff that it's easy to get sucked in to selling too much just because there's a demand.

    I've lost track of the amount of times I haven't promoted something just because I know it's interesting but not actually very useful, only to get dozens of emails myself from others promoting it.

    There are some good guys around but it seems that this niche has become more and more populated by people who will do virtually anything to make a buck and sometimes when they do, they buy into their own hype and start calling themselves a guru and then end up having to quickly make/find new stuff to sell their followers.

    There's a fundamental lack of confidence in people starting out online - too much unreasonable expectation and a lack of confidence ends up with many people jumping into the IM niche thinking it's a get-rich-quick niche but not really understanding the dynamics involved. Success too quickly can ruin a business just as much as lack of success.

    If people just stopped worrying about what other people are doing (and how much they're earning) and built their own businesses based on sound principles - we'd have a lot more successful people and a lot less gurus.

    Over the years I've seen most of the current 'Gurus' start out and grow their businesses and seen what they've done to get there. Some are just hard-working nice guys who have stuck at it and done well. Others are not.

    When you break it all down, it's all just people doing what they can to make money and be successful - there is not secret to making money, there is nothing hidden that the 'Gurus' have access to that others don't - and not all Gurus are as successful as people think.

    The simple situation is - the grass isn't greener on the other side and you don't need anything more than a sound plan and consistent focused action.

    If you want to be a Guru - make money for the existing gurus, they'll want you to keep doing it and they'll help you until by proxy you become a guru too.


    nothing to see here.

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      I was thinking about buying a wig and becoming the next Frank Kerns.

      Hey, JMO!!!! That would be a great video.
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