Sending autoresponder emails to mobile phones

by Rufus Steele 5 replies
Could be a long shot - but they normally pay big in the end

Does anyone know of software or a 'provider' that can do the following:

I want to create a list of short messages that will be sent to the mobile phone of users who opt in to receive them.

So as an autoresponder style setup - I create 300 messages, load them up and then one a day is sent to the opted in subscriber as an SMS?

Is this doable - anyone know of anything similar or a product that can provide?


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    GroupMail Product Information - Editions

    There ya go

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      Thanks tecHead

      Just what I was looking for!


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    Too costly my friend.

    Your from england, get a t-mobile contract. Unlimited Texts.

    Get the software for a decent phone that allows group texts and your away.

    Text Campaigns can be done for very cheap now. Don't spend money on big companys that will charge you 0.12p a text.

    *Edit *Notices your talking about emails after.. but if your want to go into text messages what i said works good
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      Hey Jefferson,

      Only prob with that is I want to add a years worth of messages to the auto series and have them pumped out one a day starting day one an opt in confirms.

      Doing that off my own phone will leave my thumbs knackered
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        Hello Rufus

        I've done quite a lot of work with web-based SMS systems and they all charge an amount per SMS. You can buy 10,000 texts for £400 to £450 + VAT. Less if you buy more.

        A lot of these suppliers have web-based interfaces or downloadable software that you can use. I must admit though, I haven't seen one that allows you to upload a batch of messages in advance.

        I'm not sure if you're intending to target non-UK subscribers. If so, be aware of a couple of issues:

        1. It costs more to send texts abroad. For example, if you bought a block of 10,000 text credits, it might cost you one credit for a UK phone, two credits for a US phone etc.

        2. Something we're not familiar with in the UK but in other countries (the USA included), many people have to pay to RECEIVE texts, not just send them.

        I hope this helps.



        Easy email marketing automation without moving your lists.

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