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Whats the best FTP solution, ease of use, spead, etc

Thanks In Advance
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    Filezilla is the best, in my opinion. The fact that it's free is just a bonus.
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    Not Dreamweaver's built-in FTP.
    It is sooo slooow to upload.

    A normal FTP program is quicker.

    Stick this on a USB-stick:


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    I have been using this program for ages and I could not live with out it.
    wsftp pro very easy to use.

    Something new soon.

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    I've tried several, and so far the easiest has been CuteFTP Lite - it's their cheapest version. Less than $20 as I recall.

    Their higher priced ones are geared toward website development teams in which multiple designers are working on the same site. Cute's cheap one is for the single user who needs an easy, quick way to upload.

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    smart ftp is the best

    But Cute ftp is to cute to be ignored

    Just kidding...Both are perfect

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    I use CuteFTP Pro. Its nice but one feature that is missing in most softwares is the ability to create new files directly on the server. Anyone know any solution to this?
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      FileZilla for ordinary FTP, and FlashFXP for its little-known security features and ability to do server-server transfers where allowed. Ever seen a 90MB file move from one server to another in a few seconds? Whoosh!

      -Frank Haywood
      Frank Haywood - my ramblings.
      Slide Out Tabs - my current WSO.
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    Hi I use Filezilla. I think it's quite fast and stable and it is also user friendly. Never had problems with it too. =)

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    WS FTP works great and is what I have used for over 4 years.

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      cute ftp hands down. been using it for years now.

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    I've used all three of the products mentioned, and I'm personally a big fan of Filezilla.

    But all three of them are great. I used CuteFTP for a good long while, until I managed to get a copy of WS_FTP Pro, and then that was my hands-down favourite until I grabbed a copy of Filezilla.
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    Thanks for all the imput guys, just trying out Filezilla to start, one other question

    Ive just transfered a PDF file from my hard drive to my hosts Web Root (public_html/www), how do I make this file accessable on my web site ?,is it in the right file directory ?
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      On one of your webpages, make a clickable link to www.yourdomain . com/yourfile.pdf (note, you will need to use the .pdf extension). That should do it.
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    Make a link to it.
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