Is Optimizing for MSN worth it?

by dmderoeck 5 replies
I was curious if anyone has any stories or tips on optimizing for MSN.

My sites seem to do very well in MSN (first page on many keywords) whereas Google, I "hit the wall" so to speak. Yahoo seems to be strong as well.

Granted, there are major differences between MSN and Google. But most talk seems to be about Google and for obvious reasons, Google is huge and MSN holds a relatively small percentage of searches. But I do believe MSN still has a strong presence and may even be a "sleeper" when it comes to monetization...

Any thoughts?
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    Depends on your niche.

    If it's IM, I think it'd be safe to say the amount of people using MSN search over google search would be next to none.
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    Back when I was into building lots of niche content sites with AdSense ads on the pages, I took a site from $0 to $800/month in a few months with traffic coming almost exclusively from MSN. Sold it within about a year for $8,500. SO yes, it can be done, but I agree that it probably depends on the niche. This site was about (of all things since I'm bald)... hair styles. LOL

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    I have a site that is pretty old and was basically getting no traffic at all. Then out of nowhere msn decides that it's very relevant for a couple of extremly big keywords - boom, instant traffic and instant cash flow. I have no idea what did it because I haven't touched the site for almost a year. I wish I knew how to do that on purpose.

    Yes, the google pie is larger than the MSN pie, but the MSN pie is still pretty damn big.
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    Last time I checked, MSN will put you #1 if your domain name uses all the keywords. That's sad. Anyone know if this has changed since then?

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