Ezinearticles, Squidoo, Hubpages, Wetpaint, Etc. Which Is The Best Content Sharing Site?

by Michael Lee 9 replies
Hi guys,

Most of the time, I submit my articles to ezinearticles and other article directories. But I've also submitted some of my content to squidoo and hubpages.

What is your favorite content sharing site? Ezinearticles give our articles great search engine rankings and I love it, but we get to promote only on our resource box. There are competing adsense ads beside and on top of the articles.

Squidoo, Hubpages, and even Wetpaint Wiki get great search engine rankings too. And you have more control over the links you place within the page. You can place your links right at the start of your article. But they tend to take more time to create, and may have certain limitations (hubpages doesn't allow you to post the same content everywhere else).

So what's your favorite? What has produced the best results for you? Which is the best site to post your content, considering effectiveness, effort involved, etc.?

Would be great to hear your comment.

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    I found ezinearticles.com great so far. Quality traffic, nice clients and great readership I achieved. Squidoo and hubpages are, no doubt, hot these days. They're money making pages for many of us who know how to use them. I've a decent experience with squidoo too but can't say very exciting. May be, I'm not very far yet. Exploring squidoo these days to get the depth :-)
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      Why choose? The best option is to post in all!

      Jay NaPier

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    For the little time it takes to set a page up at all of them, why not do all?
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    Agreed with all. I'm using all of above mentioned content portals. But at squidoo, I post only unique content that I don't publish at other sites. It'd a better idea to get versions of one original article and post them to all.
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    I use EzineArticles for my articles I have been writing. I am also creating an empire of lens on Squidoo using Bum Marketing methods.

    Mommy Enterprises
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      the other day i did a backlink check, and found this.....

      squidoo is nofollw, but hubpages is not !

      which is really a pity, because you can do more with a lens than a hub. you also have more community tools to promote it.

      i could be wrong, but as far as i know, EZA is nofollow. so if it's about traffic, use EZA. if it's about the link, use hubpages.

      just my 0.02.....
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      • Originally Posted by grumpyjacksa View Post

        i could be wrong, but as far as i know, EZA is nofollow. so if it's about traffic, use EZA. if it's about the link, use hubpages.

        just my 0.02.....
        EZA has DOFOLLOW for your resource box links, as well as links to your other articles, and links to other articles in your category. They only NOFOLLOWED routine internal navigation links.

        So EZA does give you some Google juice to your links in your resource box. Following your structure above - if it's about traffic or about the link, use EZA.

        Best Regards, Georgetta
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    Squidoo links are only nofollow in certain modules, and I think while your lens is brand new. Otherwise, the links you put in yourself (eg in the text module) are all dofollow. You have complete control over them.
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    No Follow on EZA, so what?

    If you get your articles syndicated by webmasters and bloggers their links are often not tagged "no-follow".

    Besides, you want a natural mix of links. Plus, you want links where READERS who are interested in your material will find it. In the final analysis this is the most important aspect of all. Since it is hard to predict you are wise to use a content cluster with materials on a variety of platforms.
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