Content Site Or For Display Only?

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Yo guys,

I have a few questions that I am blur of.
It may sound dumb, but I need to make it clear.

Does content site such as blog makes a good site to represent a company or a site which is "For Display Only" site is better?

If a content site such as blog is good to represent the company ( For example : International Company ) , how can it display its service to the visitors?

Are there any other type of content site that is good to represent a company and its services besides a blog?

Would be great if anyone can include a good example of content site which represents a company and its services that it offers.

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    I am actually looking for ideas to help corporate companies to market their service.
    As we know, we saw the usual ""For Display Only" site which have some links, that's it.

    Blog in my opinion is great.
    But are there any solution that can combine blog and other stuff to look like it is a great company with great image.

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