I Need Wordpress Expert Or Help From Someone To Answer This Question, I'm Going Nuts!!!

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I am looking to know if anyone has a solution to my problem.

Recently I remember seeing a brand new blog that was created in a video and they were able to backdate the blog posts.

Here is what I mean....

If I start a brand new blog today then my first post will be dated the 25th November.

Does anyone know a way around it so that my blog doesnt look so new and that I can start adding posts from say a week or month ago????

Just to clear up any confusion...

I want to post to my new blog but instead of my first post being dated 25th I want it to be say for example 15th...

Anyway enough rambling, someone please help if you can..


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    You can change the date manually in quick edit mode or alternatively remove the date from the code so it doesn't display the date at all.
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    When you write a post, look on the right side and find this:

    Publish immediately Edit

    Click on Edit and put whatever date you want. OK. Publish.

    You can do it even with existing posts... Edit > OK. Update post.

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