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I got this idea when I visited Welcome to Designs By Lucinda
run by Lucinda Yates.

Lucinda runs an online retail store. Her USP is creating custom made
jewelry for resale by non-profits to raise much needed funds for the latter.

According to, as at 2007, Lucinda's site had helped
non-profits raise over $25 Million, so I thought I'd take a look-see. What I saw
gave me the idea for this article, hope reading this gives you a few ideas, too.

Right, like I said, Lucinda’s company creates chest pins (Jewelry) that can
be bought in minimum quantities of 60 pins at $7.5 each and can then be resold
by the buyer for as much as $15 to raise funds for their cause. Lucinda makes
her pins relevant to the fund raising cause to further the goals of that cause.

Lucinda found herself homeless after her divorce and according to her
web site; she knew there was something she could do to help herself
overcome poverty and homelessness, so, she used her creativity and
drive to launch a successful line of fashion jewelry in the form of
chest pins! Lucinda’s first design was a pin in the shape of a house.

The "House Pin" she created that day became the perfect fundraiser for
a local shelter. It gave the shelter greater visibility and financial
support. That chest pin and the realization that she could help others
with her creativity started a business dedicated to helping non-profits
succeed. The company was set up in 1989 and has sold 5 million pins.

HOT PRODUCT/MONEY MAKING TIP: Like Lucinda, you can come up with
a unique product to help non-profit organizations raise funds for their
projects. Fit the idea around something many not-for-profits can take
to their benefactors for easy resale. Lucinda chose chest pins and
that’s not a revolutionary idea, so yours doesn’t have to be either.

Make it something unique to your company so that you can market
your products from a very unique stand point much like Lucinda does.

If you sell intangible goods, think of how non-profits can resell your
concept to raise the funds they require. For example, if you write
digital self-help courses create a manual that reveals “How To Get A
Relative To Quit Smoking In 6 Months!” and offer it to Lung Cancer
Prevention Charities around the world to resell for good returns.

They can buy your manuals at $9.99 to resell at $19.99 and keep the
profit per sale to fund their projects. You’ll need to get creative with
this. The idea is to create something that is cheap to reproduce so
that charities can afford to buy from you and be able to resell easily.


Kunle Olomofe
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    Hey Kunle,

    Strikingly simple but a very good avenue.

    Nice post!


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    A very powerful concept! Thanks.

    Bill Skywalker Edwards
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    Rufus, iW,

    I thought this concept was especially useful since most IMer's can simply approach a charity of their choice with this idea and if they bite, get started relatively easily with packaging useful content with resale rights attached.

    Instead of marketing to each other as is common, there might be a bigger market out there with a wider reach willing to pay for hundreds, perhaps thousands of copies and will buy each copy separately for resale.

    With IM you sell a great product for say $197 for MRR and the buyer can sell unlimited copies from which you the creator will receive no royalties.

    However, with this move you can set up a resale rights business that earns you upfront cash for each copy of your information (or other) product that is sold and you'll be helping others out to boot.

    Definitely strikingly simple and powerful.

    This idea now generates $20+ Million a year for -- you may not make $20M, but it's a good way to increase market share+profits.


    Kunle Olomofe
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