Converting my eBooks to a CMS, Blog or Website

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Greetings Fellow Warriors:

Over the years, I have authored a variety of lengthy reports and eBooks that have run their sales cycle. Most of my eBooks are about 100-120 pages in length so I have plenty of content.

I am trying to determine the best method of using Google AdSense and my content in tandem. Do I use a CMS, Blog or build a website?

For me, websites seem the most obvious because I can build them in a matter of hours. I tried blogs but I simply don't see much traffic. In addition, I built some Squidoo lenes but it has resulted in minimal traffic so I am at a lost on what path I should take.

I'm open to any suggestions and they are appreciated.

Michael Cruz
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    One option is using drupal - there's a book module that will take your doc and spread it out over multiple pages with links, content, breadcrumb path etc..

    It takes a bit of fiddling to get the format right.. so I gave up last time but might just take another look.

    Kind regards, Spencer
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    squidoo and blogs can drive a lot of traffic but you have to update it once in a while, it wont drive much traffic if you just leave it there, you have to advertise you sites to drive traffic, its all about how you SEO your blog or any sites for that matter
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    I always recommend Wordpress because of its support and plugins. And from my experience, Google really rewards my Wordpress sites by listing them before they're even completed.

    Whatever you decide to do, keep all this content on YOUR site. The direct organic traffic is far more important!

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