Myths Of The Parrots = Debunked.

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When I first started marketing my products and other people's products online, I will be the first to admit that I spent far too much of my time hanging around in forums talking the talk and parroting the clever marketers (at least, I thought they were clever...but how did I really know that they weren't just parroting myths?).

Over the last few years, I have learned many things which fly in the face of what is preached and testified in forums like this one and of course, in other places online.

What I have realized is that it is dangerous to take everything too seriously when looking for advice on how to run your own business. Until you go out there and start testing, experimenting and finding your strengths in your own business, you'll never really do much other than chase the tails of smoke and hot air blowing "theorists".

And even the pros will give you advice that is valid to their business, but will not pay off for you. Although some advice is black and white, not all advice you are led to believe is as evergreen or effective as you might think.

Yes, advice is just that ; advice. But when it comes to people preaching to others about what's right for their business...I get a little fussy.

And worse still, when it comes to people clearly parroting BS around forums based on rehashed theories that someone dreamed up 5 years ago, well that's when I truly feel for the beginners in this game.

Here's some of the painful examples that I have read recently.. based on some advice aimed at people asking genuine questions:

"The average conversion rate online is 1%"

"You need to send at least 100 people to an offer to know what it will convert at"

"You need to set up a Squidoo Lens"

"You need to blog, ping and bookmark"

"You need to write hundreds of articles to start seeing decent results"

"Headlines need to be red"

"For every article you create, you'll get 10 visitors"

"For every article you create, you'll get 3 people click through to your website"

"Markets with too much competition should be avoided"

"PPC is expensive"

"x,y and z is dead"

"A long sales letter converts better than a short one"

"Keyword research is the most important part of an online business"

"JV's are no longer effective"

"Social bookmarking is no good for targeted traffic"

"When looking for products to promote, aim for the top ones in Clickbank with the highest gravity, as they convert the best"
(This is my particular gripe, as this is simply not always true, and depends largely on how you promote it...)'s getting late here so I am going to stop. There's plenty more I could list, but these were literally off the top of my head based on some of the typical "me too" posts I see from talkers.

Whether you agree or disagree with the typical statements such as the ones above, please tell me that you agree or disagree based on personal experience.

After all, until you get out there and find the truth in context to your own business, you'll always be talking out of your #'%##.

So, what's the biggest howler of a parroting piece of advice that you have read recently?
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