Looking for "beta testers" for my new list building method

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I've had an epiphany.

It's been a LONG time since I've gotten this excited about something.

I was just browsing around the net in my usual fashion when an idea hit me like a ton of bricks.

What if you could build a list of KNOWN BUYERS in your niche, dozens or more daily, for free?

I want 5 or so warriors who are willing to try this method. All I want in return is a testimonial (audio or video pref.) if the method works for you.

You must have a small report/giveaway that you're already using to build your list, and it must be OUTSIDE the IM niche.

AIM/Skype/PM me if you're interested in hearing about it. (You'll have to agree to an NDA, just because I don't want anyone exposing the method in a $7 WSO , since I'm planning to turn this into a $60-100 product).

My skype is beardedjoe

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    Sounds interesting, is this anything blackhat? or are you using perfectly LEGAL methods to obtain these leads?

    I'm interested in hearing more, shoot me a pm.... :-)
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      Perfectly white hat for anyone that was wondering.
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        Hi Joe,

        I'm outside of IM niche and have a free report I give away. I PM you.

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