That's a HUGE unsubscribe rate

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I've been running my list for a short while now (just over a year I think), and I've learned a lot in the process.

However I still have a big problem;
my current stats for just one of my lists (probably my main one) is 2,745 active subscribers, and 476 unsubscribed.

That strikes me as a ridiculously big unsubscribe rate!

And I don't get it, there are about 12 automatic email auto responders, spaced at intervals of 3 or 4 days, everyone of them containing a genuinely high quality article on the exact information people requested written by myself and well respected experts in the field.

I often send broadcasts out, but at least 90% of these are to give away more information - promotional emails are very few and far between - and yet I am still losing one or two subscribers everyday, sometimes more.

I get many 'thank you' replies from subscribers for the quality of information sent, and when I do send out a promotion or suchlike the click through rate can be very high, often up to 40 or 50%.

I realize that people leave lists all the time, but surely not at this rate!
Any tips on keeping subscribers and stopping the swelling of this massive rate will be greatly appreciated.

All the best
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  • A lot of it is probably on account of the source
    of your subscribers.

    You're most likely getting a bunch of freebie
    seekers that'll probably never buy anything
    so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

    Nurture the ones who stick and treat them
    like gold for that's what they are.

    A thousand loyal subscribers that welcome your
    emails, and buy from you is much better
    than 3000 when only a third of them respond.

    Of course, you keep adding to your lists as well
    to replace the ones who drop out.

    It's been my personal experience that subscribers
    I picked up through JVs make much better
    prospects since they're usually already trained
    to expect promo emails.

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    Are you offering a free report or product in exchange for the opt-in? If so, people are probably opting straight out.

    Do you use AWeber? If so I think you can see the opt-out rates for the different autoresponders.
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  • "And I don't get it"

    But you need to figure it out fast if you are hemorrhaging subscribers like that. Have a couple people sign up for your list. Then sign up for your own list on a different email account. See if between the two you can not figure out the problem.
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      Thanks a lot for all the great replies so far.
      I agree that a lot of people would just be picking up the freebies, then leaving. It also makes sense to value the subscribers I have, rather than being concerned about the freebie seekers I've lost.

      I've signed up to my own lists on a few different accounts, and am doing my best to track whatever problems there may be in the follow ups.

      Thanks for the tips
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        Your unsubscribe rate is about 17 percent which is actually very low if you ask me. Mine is much higher.

        People unsubscribe for many reasons that have nothing to do with your emails. They often start out as enthusiastic readers and then lose interest eventually and move on to something else. Which is why it's important to offer products right after they sign up. From my experience that's when they're most interested in what you have to offer and most likely to buy.
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