can someone price a domain?

by arttse
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There is a 2 word dot com domain for sale.

Currently the site is listed in 3rd position in

There are 90000 competing sites in google under quotes (and 92 million without quotes).

The monthly search results in google is about 10000 per month.

The domain is 10 years old.

What would be a fair market price for this domain?
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    To make a more accurate estimate, is it just the domain that is up for sale or the website? Having the keywords in the domain is good, but if the content is what is bringing in the views, then that domain isn't worth so much if the content does not come with it.

    Is the site at #3 if you search without quotes?

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      It comes with a website.

      It is #3 without quotes.

      Only has 4 I assume the age of the domain is the main reason why its on page 1 plus the name.
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    I can price a domain... It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

    You're not giving much info to go on. If it ranks #3 in Google for "Deep Fried Cow Tongue BBQ Recipes" that's going to be a lot different than #3 for "Buy Cheap Viagra"...

    It's worth what you're willing to pay or what the market will bear. Is there revenue? Traffic? Those kinds of things help.


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