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I know at ezinearticles there is actual editors who check the article in order to accept it, but how about goarticles and article base? Are they like that too, or are articles submitted there automatically accepted?
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    Articles at AB and Go are instantly published.There're no editors for for those 2 sites
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    Ezinearticles.com is the most popular site for article submission. As for as the matter of instant approval, goarticles and article base approve just after submission. However they also have editor to check submitted articles.
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    I don't think Articles Base is instant. I always have to wait for a couple of days
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    Articlebase may say there's a 72 hour wait when you submit an article, but in reality there isn't. Most of my articles go live within a few minutes.
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    The article directories outside of ezinearticles.com that seem to indexed in google quick and rank for me lately are...


    Google seems to be really loving articlebase lately thats for sure.
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    Articlesbase will approve instantly, and they're doing pretty well for me in terms of spreading my articles around and getting backlinks.
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    I spend most of my time submitting to EZA. Article Base has a massive amount of articles. WP Direct and other scripts use them for their articles. Great way to get backlinks. I have been thinking of spending more time outside of EZA, but I have a premium membership so they are approved very quickly as well with the additional instant traffic that I get per each category. I have had little luck with Go Articles as far as traffic, so I would probably focus on AB.
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    i think they have editor to see for it. How can they publish any wrong written article?
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    With Articles Base, my articles are usually on page one or two within an hour or so.
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