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Has anyone tried tiktok shop if so what were your results
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    This is my first time hearing about it so I decides to go and watch a few short tutorials.

    I will most certainly do some more research and see if I want to join their affiliate program .
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    Yes, I have. It's quite usual here in SEA. The shipping is smooth, and I receive the product within a couple of days.
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    Some of these tiktok bimbos are printing $$$
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    I'd like to know more about this, I can't get how it works
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    This is the first time I've heard of it.
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    Of course
    But I am not satisfied with the quality of TikTok's goods
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    I'm very happy with my tiktok store purchases

    And the quality of their products is very good

    Many customers who buy tiktok account from me are merchants

    They make a lot of money and I sell them bing, Google, Facebook accounts!

    If you need, you can contact me
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    They have great quality.

    I like to buy from on.

    A lot of people buy tiktiok accounts from me.

    And they buy back often.

    I love them and they love me.

    Because I will make them a lot of money.

    I will offer Bing, Google, FACEBOOK, Tiktok accounts if my brothers need them.

    And I have a special offer. Buy more, get more.

    A lot of people can't get them. That's okay. Come to me. I have 20% of the world's resources.

    The sooner you get here, the better the quality of the accounts.

    Good stuff is always in demand.
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