What has been more lucrative for you....Twitter or Facebook?

by Gee S
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So Social Media has been quite a big thing for a while now. From your experience what has helped you become more profitable...Twitter or Facebook?
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    I would say Twitter is the most powerful thing yet! You can instantly offer your customers what they are looking. Thanks to the power of automation (unlike some social networks )

    With Twitter you can automate your posts, add followers according to keywords. You can literally set Twitter on auto pilot and forget about it. You just wait for money to flow into your bank account. Its a Genius.

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    I don't use face book but find twitter to be a bit over rated. In many cases you're putting in a degree of time and effort and getting very little in return for it. You might get a few sales here, and a few sign ups there, but minimal results on an occasional basis hardly seems worth it. Its the way you look at it I suppose. If thousands of people see something you post and it only gets you 1-2 small ticket sales if that I'd hardly consider it a success.
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    You'd be better off doing pretty mucg anything else.

    PPC, Content Creation/SEO, Networking w/ other sites in your niche, etc...
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    seems half the people on Twitter are just promoting their own income creating model (lots of MLMs) and the other half only are interested in what they or you had for breakfast. (with a few non-profit tweets thrown in). I could be doing it all wrong... which won't surprise me, but have never had much success for the time involved.

    Unless you have a focused page or group in Facebook, you can allude to different opportunities, but at least in mine, most are either promoting their own thing or playing Farmville. Lol. Obviously I have a lot to learn about both, huh?
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    With all the hype around facebook and twitter, people must be doing well with it. I wonder how people are automating processes with these two sites.
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    facebook. Twitter is just plain spammy. I don't bother with it much. All I seem to get are hookers and siding salesmen emailing me daily about how they are now "following me". Follow away but I could care less. ;-)
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    Twitter has been more lucrative for me than FaceBook...

    The beauty of Twitter is, you only have to see what you want to see... you can block the rest and only associate with the communities that you want to connect with. I have found this to be extremely profitable and a fantastic way to connect with people on a "social" level...

    Having said that, I never really "got" facebook... I just don't get it.



    Bare Murkage.........

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    It seems people like one or the other. It could be that they both have seperate uses. Still, i think breaking in to Facebook is more difficult than twitter
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    Twitter by FARRRRR!!
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    AND...pm me in here and I'll add you as VIP Member for 2 weeks..and add 500 free coins to your account!
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    Hey Kim,

    So why do you think that?
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    I've been able to successfully monetize both Twitter and Facebook with my account at VideoForward.com. Lots of other people are doing it as well.
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    For me I would say facebook, I have pretty much stopped using twitter, as a previous poster mentioned, too much time and effort and very little in return...i enjoy interacting with those on facebook more.
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    I would say twitter is the more useful of the two for marketing. Most of the people on facebook are there for their friends, not to buy things. In fact, if someone pitches me on facebook, I drop them rather quickly. Friends or not.

    Of course, there may be a way around that & there's a side of facebook I haven't seen. A second profile and making new friends may be useful in that case. Play mafia wars, connect with load of people through that & it might very well prove useful. I don't know...never tried it.

    Twitter on the other hand seems to favor a 'looser' relationship between followees and followers. If a link comes by, oh well..it's just part of the flow. Also, making a few thousand connections in a month on twitter is easily possible, facebook...not so much.


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    Facebook. Twitter is good if you have a brand
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