Got A Great Site But Making Little Money

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I have a great site which I built from scratch over the past couple years, although most time spent on it in last 6 months. I'm pleased to have a Google PR of 5 and Alexa ranking of around 220,000. The site is in the careers / employment arena and receives about 1500 unique visitors every day.

The problem is that I'm not seeing much revenue and now with the economic meltdown, it is going to be my only source of income, so what am I doing wrong, or what am I not doing?

The revenue I get comes mainly from Adsense, some sales of my own e-books and some affiliate sales but it's less than $1000 per month.

Has anybody got any good ideas please as I#m sure many of you have seen this before and worked out the answers.
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    I don't know anyone in that niche but I would think that many of
    the headhunter sites have affiliate programs.

    What is your CTR for Adsense.

    I'm betting you could make some changes that could
    really increase your CTR. Unless it's at least 8% I do
    what I could to increase it.

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      Hi Peter
      Well done on building the daily traffic.

      What is your optin conversion rate like? I bet it's low as your optin form doesn't do much to inspire me. Simply offering a newsletter isn't gonna cut it where it may have years ago. Think about offering a free course or ebook in exchange for your visitors email. You need to prominently display your form too. Or you could use a popover script.

      This is one way I can see to incrase your monthly income.

      Your adsense can be optimized too as again the ads are not in prominent positions on the site.

      I'd also remove some of those ads in the site bar if they are making little to no revenue.
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    Perhaps the affiliate offers you're promoting aren't converting as well as they could be? I would test out a range of different affiliate products and analyze the results - that way, you can hopefully work towards maximizing your site's potential.
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    use the law of attaction
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    Make a short ebook and give it away in exchange for your visitors email address... with all those visitors you should be doing way better. Keep at it!
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    You may also want to consider an exit pop similar to what we use on many of our sites. At times when we have good traffic, we easily make a few thousand each month simply on the people leaving our sites!

    In short, as they go to leave it offers them a list of other things that may better suite there needs... often times its similar to a survey style set up and takes them to different "7 dollar immediate commission" type offers, or 2 excellent CB offers etc.

    We have tested it several different ways and even the ways that didn't work well, worked much better than totally loosing the traffic. :-)

    Jamie Bing

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      Offer a Free DVD/CD for a small postage and handling on your opt-in page. Make sure your DVD/CD has valuable content. Collect the prospects name, e-mail and physical address. This will build credibility and trust. In addition, you will be building a list to sell products and services to your prospects/clients in the future.

      Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    Maybe you could find a resume writing service or job posting sites that would be interested in advertising on your site.

    When I looked on your site, the google ads in the left sidebar were for wiis.

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    Work on buidling your list (maybe try a hover over box with a great freebie to sign up). Then you can send them a link to a new article each week (have adsense and other offers on the page with the article).
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      Thanks to everyone for some great ideas, I'll try to put your experience into action on my site. I'm averaging xx% CTR on my Adsense which doesn't seem to bad and I've now featured a couple of my own e-books more prominently on the home page.

      Perhaps I've been confusing visitors when they see all the ads in the sidebar?

      I tried a pop under with a sign up for my newsletter and some great give-aways and my list is now near to 500 so its getting better.
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