Martha Richardson - Servers down - We need help

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Martha is having some financial issues since her beloved husband Barry Richardson passed away earlier this year. Due to these problems they shut down her servers, which is her business that makes her money every month.

If there are any Livevoltage clients or warriors and friends that want to help her please read her replies (Barry Richardson) below and think about donating some money. -

Thank you.

My original message:

Hi Warriors,

sorry to post this here but I am loking for Martha Richardson or any of the staff.

The hosting servers of are down since this morning and I have been trying to reach her (by email, don' know how else). No reaction so far.

I have about 10-15 sites on that server and I can't even use email. It seems the whole server is down and nothing works.

Anyone knows how to get in touch with her or any of the staff.

Again sorry to post this but the servers have been down for hours and no reaction. I wonder what's going on.

I hope Martha is ok. If anyone can tell me how to reach her please let me know.

Thanks a lot,

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