Splitting Digital Product Revenues With Somebody With a Big List

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Hello Everyone:

First, Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I hope that God Richly Blesses you.

Now...my question.

A friend has asked if I have some affiliate products that they might sell to their list.

I do have a membership that gives me lots of great digital products and I can almost guarantee nobody on his list has them. I would have to maybe write the copy and throw in some bonuses (without alot of graphics though...I am a little challenged at photoshop).

Rather than give him Master Resale Rights, I am wondering if there is a way to set up my funnel so that I get half and he gets half.

I really need a rather fast set up...any suggestions?

I do have Amember, and can get up to speed quickly if I need to.

I would rather not buy another piece of software or service if I dont have to.

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    Hey I love Hershey. My step mom did a residency at Hershey Med and I graduated from PSU up in State College.

    Nice area smelling like chocolate

    Anyhow, to answer your question...

    The best way to go is to set up a product on Clickbank or Paydotcom and have him sign up as an affiliate. Set his commission to 50% and then go from there.

    If you decide to invest in software, check out Rapid Action Profits b/c it has a feature that will instantly split revenue between two partners and also does instant affiliate commissions.

    Good software that I use to run the heart of my business


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      If everything else proves to be too complicated, time consuming or expensive. Just setup a seperate "buy now" button through paypal and add a unique item # to it to be used for only areas where the sales from this partnership take place. At the end of every month, add up the transactions with that item number and paypal or cut a check to your buddy for half. Takes a few minutes but it's an easy resolve to a very minor situation.

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    ktmurf's suggestion is good.
    For implementing it, just set up an exclusive sales page for your partner. Then track sales from that. Set up a separate email id to get notifications forwarded to, so that he can also verify it.
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    If $7 is not too much... the 7DollarScript would do what you want:
    - front sale split 50-50% paid directly to his and your paypal
    - OTO (if any) split in whichever way you want or not at all
    - easy setup (although it will not make images for you )

    PM me if you need more info (I even have an affil link... just in case)

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