You Are Sitting On A Product Goldmine

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I just had a brainwave that turned one product into four. And it took me just an hour to do it.

For those of you who have free reports floating around, this is for you. For those of you who have a content rich site, this is for you. For those of you who have a blog... yeah, you guessed it.

I've been promoting my free bonus report for my optin page for 2 days on my blog, on twitter, on facebook... with limited success. I didn't think much of it, until I began creating my affiliate tools. One of them is an article pack, and basically all I was going to do was split it into smaller chunks of each heading.

Then I had an idea: turn my 20 page free report into 4 8 page free reports. It certainly had enough materials to do it. Happiness: 6 subpoints = 1 report. Time management: 4 subpoints = 1 report. Wealth building: 4 subpoints = 1 report... you get the picture. This makes 4 highly targeted reports instead of one broad based one. Why? Because people are looking for specific information. Specific answers. Specific solutions. They don't want a mountain of information either. They just want the information that's relevant to the questions in their head. And there is a much higher perceived value for 4 reports compared to 1.

Then I had another idea. Right now, I can use this to promote my site. Later, I can yank these reports off the freebie zone and use them as bonuses for the frontend sale, then use them as the starting point for new products, create a membership site from them, create audios, create videos... endless. And, I have a blog full of materials like this. Why don't I package these into reports as well? After all, affiliates like you are always looking for quality information to pass on to their subscribers, and it helps me promote my brand and my products. Win-win.

If you're like me, you're probably sitting on a goldmine of highly specific, quality information that's lumped together in one package. All you need to do to EXPLODE the value of what you have right now is to simply repackage it and see your efforts repaid like CRAZY. Now go get 'em.
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    Excellent idea.

    Why do Australians always seems to be on the cutting-edge of IM? :p
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      The great thing about this whole process is, most my materials come from PLRs. I personally like to inject a lot of my own thought and stories into my writing, but having the skeleton structure that the PLR provides takes a lot of the work out of it. Today I'll be working on creating an autoresponder series and putting all of my blog posts onto article sites.
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    good thinking. might find a use for all of those downloaded reports that sit on my hard disk collecting 'dust'..
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    Very good idea.

    It's always a good idea to leverage your work - make the most of it, but make sure you always add value. After all, the more value you give, the more the customer is likely to buy from you.

    Kindest regards,
    eCoverNinja - Sales Page Graphics & Layout Specialist
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    Great idea, Thad. It's often been said that there really are no new ideas out there, just repackaged and repurposed ones. By repackaging and making them more specific, you're making them more relevant and targeted towards your audience. You're also definitely on the right track by rewriting and revising the PLR as needed so that your personality shows (good for branding and authority), as well as making it even more targeted towards your audience.

    I know you're right about the PLR part, I have so much of it sitting on my hard drive and never make use of it. Some of it can be repackaged quite nicely, and they're really so underutilized - there is so much potential to turn them into something useful!

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      I think we really underestimate ourselves as well, I know that's a big problem for me - self-doubt, lack of self confidence, whatever you call it. Like Karl says, we need to add value, and I think a lot of us, especially the new ones, tend to try to read everything and get everything right before putting something out there.

      Honestly, I've learned so much more by getting a product done, getting the promotions part started, and getting the follow up systems in place than I have reading 10+ ebooks in the same duration. I know it's not a perfect product, maybe I'm shooting myself in the foot by saying that, but the more I put the stuff that I write out there, the more feedback I get of 'oh, wow, thanks for the inspiration'.

      Basically all I'm doing is being myself, using a niche that I believe in and that I'm passionate about and giving my life experience and what I've learned from it. So we ALL have value to add, sure, we've got to optimise the techniques we use along the way, but maybe we're spending too much time looking for THE answer and too little time just DOING it.

      We can spend December reading up on the latest new HOT techniques, or we can take the stuff that we've got, the value that we already have, and put it out there to benefit others and get a return for us as well. I know which one is more profitable.
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    Good idea . I should put into use the 4 gb of plrs I have on my pc lol
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