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Hi I'm the owner of art supply zone.com and am looking to expand my business online.

We have over 30k items that we can ship in the U.S. which we are marketing to artist, architects, designers...

So far we are offering the following an offline catalog with direct sales and we are now looking to expand our internet presence to draw internet sales.

We are looking for more ways to get internet sales and make our website more profitable any suggestions will help.


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    Hi Paul,
    create a blog (blogger .com/ word press) won't cost you a dime and if done right will be as effective as any expensive website. Things to take into consideration:
    1.Create as many links/back links with other blogs or sites as possible.
    2.Add video (Google loves video as it owns you tube)
    3.Ping your blog at pingomatic.com and submit to free bloglists such as Technocrati (the more the merrier)
    4. Send some free traffic ti it via traffic exchanges to give it lift off and seo.
    PPC advertising could also be interesting, I recommend you study it a bit first though.Good Luck.

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    1. Include a Disclaimer. Also, a T&C page. Both should be linked from the main page.
    2. Build quality back links.
    3. Your front page has a lot of wasted space above the fold. At least, advertise your best selling products there.
    4. Why does adding a product to the wish list take me to emsecure.com? Is that your site as well?
    5. Issue some press released about what makes your store unique.

    Excellent URL structure (for individual pages), by the way.

    Good luck.

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    You can put listings on Ebay for your products.
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    Create an online catalogue.
    Relationship Specialist
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      Here are a few ideas (although you should probably sit down and do a marketing plan with budget, goals, measurement criteria, etc.)
      • FIRST and ASAP, Set up an autoresponder to collect leads.
      • Keep in touch with those leads via a weekly newsletter featuring tips on how to use your products, product reviews, new products, etc.
      • Make your site interactive by setting up a blog featuring project tips, etc. - content can be similar to your newsletter, but not overlapping.
      • Run contests to grow you list and create interest for returning customers. People can submit photos and videos that you can post on your site.
      • Get to know other arts and crafts bloggers and vendors, and collaborate (JV, joint venture) with them to offer specials, run contests, promote to each others lists, etc.

      Hope this gets the juices flowing. If you need help compiling a list of sites to collaborate with, PM me (or use the contact form on one of the sites in my sig line if you can't PM yet). I'm one of those artsy/crafty hobbyist-types and I've got tons of those kinds of sites bookmarked.

      Good luck with your project!


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