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Hi guys,

I've submitted articles to ezine.

Just wondering if there are other article sites that I can send the same article without rewriting?
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    goarticles, articlebase, articlealley,
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    Hey Dan, here is a list of article directories sorted by pagerank. You can also sort by Alexa.

    Article Directory Sites sorted by Importance as of Thursday November 26, 2009
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  • As many as you want. How would they know if it was not original if you submitted on the first day? There are not many directories that crawl for duplicate content. And I see articles ... identical articles indexed all the time.

    It's really up to you. You may not get any real SEO boost from doing it as most of those articles I've seen have no pagerank. But Google while dominant is not the only player.
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    I like directories for the direct traffic they give me anyway.
    people make such a big deal out of duplicate content. THink about this, when you submit articles to the directories, people will republish that article, if you are any good. THen you will have potentially hundreds of copies of that same article without spinning. Just gets it in front of more eyes is all.
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    THere are plenty of sites and some already mentioned above. Remember though about having the same content in many places.

    Creating original content is the best.
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    You can submit to the directories which are mentioned above. However, do not expect a great deal of traffic from these directories. Most of the time, your article in will rank high, thanks to their high authority and PR. However, others will not rank high, since you are targeting the same keyword everywhere.

    You will get the advantage of backlinks though.
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      thanks all appreciate the help
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    We do accept duplicated content, as long as you are the owner of the article
    Free Article Directory - At our Article Directory we encourage authors to submit their best quality original articles into our ezine directory for massive publishing exposure.

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    You can use the one in my signature Shameless promotion lol
    But there are a number that I use myself my top 5 are
    1. ezinearticles
    2. goarticles
    3. articledashboard
    4. articlecity
    5. amazines
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    Thanks for the lists guys. Will definetly come in handy.
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    articlebase and google loves it


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