Do the "rules" apply to a local site?

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I am trying to do some research for a local blog I am creating.

My question is this: Do the same rules apply for local blogs and websites as ones that are not? Do you approach a local blog or website differently than one that is national or international?
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    doing a local blog means you have the advantage of

    (1) getting better rankings due to less competition
    (2) offer focused products from your local marketplace, and
    (3) being able to relate to your visitors a lot easier.

    you just have to think about promoting it - if you offer local products and/or services, attracting international visitors might not be of much use. look at local article directories, social networking, and social bookmarking sites. and local video sites, forums, chat rooms....... (depending on your choice of promotion).

    since you have fewer options of each, it might be a good idea to widen your "promotion front", eg use more different methods.

    hope this helps
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