N00b Needs help with WP Mage, X-Rumer, Own Tube

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Quit my $55K SUCKY job, doubled down, bought all this software and need to do some JV's to run this stuff. Any suggestions?
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    Step One: Keep sucky job and start building a business after hours.
    Step Two: Keep building business until you have enough money coming in to replace paycheck.
    Step Three: Quit job when you have at least six month's worth of wages saved up.

    I hope you either already have a few month's worth of paychecks saved up or that you haven't burned any bridges with your former employer.
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      I'd head over to Costco and grab one of the kick ass hot dogs from the snack bar and ask for some krout too.

      A buck fidy and uze' got urself a dog and soda to enjoy.

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      Originally Posted by Michael Taylor View Post

      Quit my $55K SUCKY job, doubled down, bought all this software and need to do some JV's to run this stuff. Any suggestions?
      Xrumer sucks. Google catches on to forum spamming you know, just as soon as enough people report your domain for abuse.

      Youtube submission software is useless. You could submit 50 thousand crap videos, or do yourself a favor and research plan and develop a targeted useful video and get that same traffic.

      Find a demand, develop a new way to fill it-if your short on ideas, just build a better mousetrap. Then learn to sell your product; you can get traffic any number of different ways-but the fastest way is always paid.

      By the way, I'm pretty sure that's all blackhat software; your on the wrong forum for that sort of stuff.
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    Basically what Michael said.

    And, just because you have all the software, and even if you hire someone to teach you how to use it all, that won't make you that 55k in a year to replace your income. You will have to do a lot of learning and research.

    Best of luck to you, as long as you are dedicated, (and hey if you didn't save any paychecks, you are in crunch mode which will mean you will be even more dedicated because you need $$)
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    mmmmm..... Costco polish dog with kraut and a drink. That sounds good right about now.

    I must feel like an argument tonight, but one way to force yourself to succeed is to put yourself into a position that you HAVE to... Looks like you've done a decent job at that. Now learn to use the software, read all you can, and get to work.
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    Look, get a day job for now, and work online in the evenings. Dont be rash! Work only partime during the day, if that will help you get the time you need to build your online business. Peace
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