My single biggest strategy to online income...

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Forget which blog template you use,
Forget how many articles you should write,
Forget how many bookmarking sites you need to sign up for
Forget which keywords will be worth targeting
Forget trying to trick social networks
Forget trying to get all your pages to number one in Google...

...and just focus on one thing........


Oh, sorry, what's that? You've heard it all before right? Well, are you creating quality content? Are you seeing what a difference it makes to your traffic and your conversions? If not, then you should get started.

And I am not just talking about a well written Adticle (yes I said Ad INSTEAD of Ar). I am talking about content that you feel undeniably, emotionally, irresistibly compelled to tell as many people about as possible.

Because when you have that sort of content, three things will happen:

1. Search engines will find it and show it to people.
2. People will find it and show it to other people
3. YOU will not stop until people have consumed it, and it will become more of a duty than a chore in your marketing.

A Case In Point...

When you see a great show on TV that inspires you or provokes some sort of reaction (emotionally, mentally or physically) I can bet my last red cent before bankruptcy that you'll tell at least one other person about that TV show before the week is over.

In fact, for those of you who work with a number of other people, you'll be walking into the workplace the very next morning asking "Hey, did anyone see that show last's what happened..."

Sure, that's a conversational piece. But the point is, you don't do that for every show you watch on TV do you?

And what's more relevant to internet marketing (I guess) is when you see and hear people talking about ADVERTS that they've seen on TV or other media. Now that is buzz/viral marketing in bare bones.

But the point is this:

If you are not 110% proud of the content you publish online, your marketing will suffer as a result. When your content is great, a shift happens both within your mentality and also within elements beyond your control, such as buzz and organic referrals.

If you can't create good content? Hire someone.

If you can't create good content and If you can't afford to hire someone? Get a 9-5 job.

Sidenote: When you create killer content, it no longer becomes about the intricacy of how to set up a blog for "maximum SEO benefits" or "which font works best for clickthrus"...

...because the results of good, solid and useful content are unequivocal when it comes to running a successful online business.

"But my business doesn't suit content based marketing"....


Yes it does. If I were selling stereo headphones I would be at a great advantage to write as much content about music, sound quality and technical specifications relating to headphones (and my headphones in particular) as I could.

If I were a private local dentists, I would benefit massively from creating content based around how white teeth are perceived as more attractive, how bad oral hygiene has hidden dangers...

"But surely a well optimized website will out perform some good content that some guy or girl has written somewhere out there in cyberspace with no SEO in mind?"

Answer: (hear me out here...)

If you're a fan of John Reese, and he published a book on how to convert affiliate offers at 10% or above (on average), but he ONLY published it in Japanese...I am pretty sure if you're not getting results as an affiliate, you'd go out of your way to translate that book word for word...

If your name is Matt Cuts (well know Google Employee who offers SEO advice to the public), you could publish your blog on a damn piece of toilet paper and people would ask you to deliver it to their door.

Ultimately, what that means is:

Quality content will beat technical tomfoolery, every day of the week, for the rest of time. It will be hunted down and consumed by the people who need it most. It's very same princple as to why I get traffic from Google for some of my pages that are on the 3rd page of Google's results...those people are looking for something specific, and I have it waiting for them. When they arrive at my page, it doesn't matter what font I use, what technology I used to create the webpage...people will read the words I have written.

And furthermore, what's the point in trying to game the search engines, to mass create hundreds of spammy backlinks, to pay people to visit your site...if they merely arrive and bounce right off your domain with zero interest in what you put in front of them?

Final note about creating quality content vs technical trickery and SEO "tactics":

Do you think that CNN and the BBC need to employ people to get their websites to be found when it comes to breaking news (which is always new content of course)?

Do you think they need to optimize their websites to depend on people typing their URL's directly into the browser address bar?

Do you think that there was any way that CNN, NBC, BBC and all other major news portals would not have been able to reach their online audience when NYC was attacked?

Of course not...


Because good content my friend, has a magical way of being found when it needs to be.

So the moral here is simple...go create some good content, that you're so proud to publish, that you're so indisputably sure that people not just want, but NEED to consume...and you'll soon see why the little details are not as important or rewarding as you once thought.


This post also helps to debunk every single myth and theory about article marketing. I have seen people say that Bum marketing is the only way to get found in the search engines via articles. I have seen people say that you need to write hundreds of articles to make a living from promoting stuff via articles...

...all of this is BS.

The TRUTH is, in my humble experience (based on real life facts), is that an article which is entirely unique, personal, useful and substantial will find it's way to the top of the search engines everytime.

I know this, because I wrote an article over a year ago that contained a couple of very broad, competitive keywords in the title, and was NOT optimized in any way for the search engines...yet because it was of a high quality, it was republished all over the internet. This naturally boosted it's rankings in Google to the bottom of the first page for a a two keyword term that has millions of competing pages.

...go play with those apples.
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