Different YouTube Channels?

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I'm a professional comedian and magician. I originally got into marketing to simply learn how to book more shows. It's paid off and now I enjoy the marketing itself.

I've created products for other magicians and I use 1Automationwiz and the Butterfly Marketing script.

I have a list of magicians, a list of people interested in marketing, and a list of people interested in hiring me to perform.

Here's my question.

Do I need to create separate YouTube channels for every group of people I interact with or can I just put all of my videos under one channel?

For example, if I create a YouTube channel just for my IM business, I can brand that channel more narrowly than if it's just branded with my name.

However, I like the idea of people seeing different aspects of what I do and what I'm interesed in, all in one place. As an entertainer, I'm the product so I market myself.

I think it's kinda cool if people see me in a jiu jitsu tournament, performing at The Magic Castle, and talking about Internet marketing.

Am I being lazy? Should I create separate channels for each segment of my audience, or can I lump 'em all under the Zach Waldman name?

Thanks for the help!
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    I have a separate YouTube account for each of my niches.
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    Cool. If I have multiple channels, does it hurt or help commenting on my own videos from different accounts?
    Zach Waldman - Los Angeles Magician
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      Does anyone use numerous youtube channels.

      I have a series of videos for different niches and would appreciate knowing if there is a problem setting up different channels as far as youtube are concerned.

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    I've been in the same predicament myself and know several others in the same boat. I even ended up with three different business cards, depending on which of my faces I was promoting at the time.

    I just designed a web site for a friend who was in a real predicament of a similar nature, as he is by turn artist (canvas), musician, poet, piano teacher and seller of herbal medicine! There is not too much overlap between some of these niches and in the end we opted for a web site branded around his name, with very prominent navigation enabling people to find what they went in there for with the least trouble, while allowing them to discover and delight in the other aspects they had not yet discovered.

    I think it depends on what you are branding, as you so rightly observe. What is the brand? If you have a "personality brand" as a magician or entertainer will do, then the brand is you - and we live in an age of the "cult of personality". It's practically expected of people these days to be doing several somewhat unrelated things at once. But otherwise, the question is "why?" Would ju-jitsu fans really give you more kudos if they knew you were also a conjuror?

    Depends, if you were able to get someone in a hold and then start pulling silks out of your ears, I think it would make you famous - but in general I would brand each thing around its strongest selling point, with an additional hub themed around the "complete picture" of your multi-faceted persona.

    I have more than one youtube channel as my brand is not so much "me" as it is my products and services. Users of one are highly unrelated to users of the others.

    "If there is no door, it becomes necessary to break out through the wall."

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