How to best promote an image hosting site?

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Hello friends!

I've recently started to work on an image hosting site as I wanted to do something completely different, non IM related for a change. I'm constantly searching for new opportunities and it came to my attention that image hosting sites are fairly popular today, many of them achieving large amounts of traffic in relatively low time.

Until now, I've promoted on yahoo answers, by adding photos of objects/locations/celebs/hairstyles/costumes etc people were looking for(I'm on the point of outsourcing this stuff). I've gotten some traffic but nothing close to what I know I can achieve.

I wanted to ask warriors who have experience with promoting image hosting sites if they would be so kind as to give me some tips.

Also, do you recommend Adwords? Or paid links/banners on high traffic sites?

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    Any tips guys?
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    • From what I have seen, a classic method for promoting an independent image hosting site is to find and host pictures of celebrities, then go to all those celebrity watching forums and posting that you can see free "exclusive" pictures of those celebrities. I have been told by people at other forums that two or three posts a day at one of the top forums resulted in about 1000 visitors/day. "New Linday Lohan Snorting Coke Photos!"

      Then, you can start to recruit some of the big-dog posters on those forums - the ones who post lots of pictures already. PM them and ask them to use YOUR image host. You may have to bribe them ("incentivize them") somehow. Many of those forums also have "resources" sections, or general talk sections - you could post your image hosting site there as a resource for the members to use.

      If you walk on the dark side, you can go around to all those "porn-sharing" forums and promote your site as a place for them to post their "screen caps" of the porn they are distributing. As the song says "the internet is for porn." Lots of hits. Yucky business.

      Good luck!

      Best Regards, Georgetta
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