My current favourite writer is...

by Rachel Goodchild 13 replies
(and favourite is spelt right- it's the british spelling!)

At the risk of losing her at my beck and call,can I reccommend Rachel Zaouche?

She's superb. Bev got me onto her and she writes beautifully. I pay her ten pounds or twenty dollars,and he over delivers every time. I have alot of corporate clients who need a high standard- and she delivers.

Why am I telling you if she's so good?
Well her husband wants her to go back to an office job- and I can't bear to lose her! So if you cna give this woman some work I'd be mighty pleased- jsut not so much that she won't work for me!

And...why not use this thread to tell us YOUR current writer.

It's the Rachel Goodchild reccommend a writer thread!
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