How do you get those big lists of 10,000+ subscribers?-I tried a bunch of stuff and am struggling.

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Hi fellow warriors,

I've been trying to discover how one get a list of 10,000+ subscribers or even 100,000. You hear about people that have those sizable lists all the time.

There have been a few threads written on this topic, but nothing that so far that really explains what one has to do and techniques that get those types of results.

I'm going to share with you what I have been doing and you can expand on it and let me know what you been doing.

The objective is to help one another so we can get to the root of cause of getting a big list.

A lot of the IM products I purchased, talk about getitng big lists, but don't really tell you how to do it. The techniques they did share I tried (which I'm going to explain below) but didn't get the kind of figures one would hope for.

I heard from some internet marketing gurus that you can get a list of 30,000 in a week, but I tried so many methods to achieve that goal and nothing comes even close.

Please also feel free to share a WSO or product which you feel clearly teaches you techniques that are effective and will get you to obtain this goal.

Here is what I have done:

1. The number one method I have been applying to build my list is article marketing, particularly on ezinearticles. I found this successful and have gotten thousands of clicks to my squeeze page as a result of this. However, I didn't get thousands of sign-ups. I would say my squeeze page gets about 5,000 - 6,000 clicks a month via articles and out of that I average about 20-30 activated sign-ups a day (a lot of unverified), my best day was 40 sign-ups and I had a lot of 10, even 8 or 6. As you can see these types of figures don't get you to the 10,000 mark. It will take over a year and even longer to get there via this technique.

2. PPC via adwords. It does get clicks and sign-ups, but it costs. I found it as an expensive method and it woudl cost me way too much to get 10,000 subscribers, way too much!

3. I read and heard about applying cost-per-impression and ezineadvertising and solo ad advertising. One particular programme I was told to go for was Arcamax, apparently they have newsletters with something like 1 million subscribers and send out an ad for you, but it's expensive, costs a couple hundred bucks and from what I heard from people the quality of leads is poor and you get few sign-ups and very few if no sales. So I doubt if this is an effective technique.

4. There has been some talk of co-registration, I'm wondering how effective this really is.

I'm trying to work on more SEO and getting my pages to show up in organic search results and think this might be a good technique if I target the right keywords. Instead of the traffic going to ezine and me only getting a percentage of the clicks and most of it going to ezinearticles (who make money out of you via their adsense ads), I can get 100% of the clicks. I know the challenge here would be to outrank ezinearticles since they are an authority website, but allegedly there are ways you can become an authority website. This is something i'm currently exploring.

I would like to start a meaningful discussion on this topic and if some of you can share your thoughts and what works for you for all of us to benefit from, that would be much appreciated.


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    What the folks with list sizes of 10K+ or even 100K+ wont usually tell you is their list size grew exponentially from two main strategies: joint ventures and/or their own affiliate program.

    This doesn't mean they don't do some or all of what you're doing. It just means that JV's and affiliate programs are among the most effective ways to reach massive eyeballs within a relatively short period of time.

    The prerequisite of course is having your own product to sell.


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    It all goes back to traffic. To get those big numbers you need a lot of traffic. If you look at people like myself who have lists over 150,000 you will see a patern. Usually big lists like those are generated from large JV launches or offering FREE services where you require a email address. Giving away free software, screensavers, free online web-based services, free wordpress plugins... these things will grow a list faster than PPC, articles, and other small type traffic resources.

    Think about it, if you were getting a 50% optin rate, you would need over 200,000 "quality" visitors to get a list of 100,000 emails. Like you said, paying for that type of traffic is too expensive and takes too long. However offering a kick-ass free service could generate that type of traffic in a few months.

    Want to partner with me? Contact me via PM and lets chat!

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    • Originally Posted by JoshuaWriter View Post

      It all goes back to traffic. To get those big numbers you need a lot of traffic. If you look at people like myself who have lists over 150,000 you will see a patern. Usually big lists like those are generated from large JV launches or offering FREE services where you require a email address. Giving away free software, screensavers, free online web-based services, free wordpress plugins... these things will grow a list faster than PPC, articles, and other small type traffic resources.

      Think about it, if you were getting a 50% optin rate, you would need over 200,000 "quality" visitors to get a list of 100,000 emails. Like you said, paying for that type of traffic is too expensive and takes too long. However offering a kick-ass free service could generate that type of traffic in a few months.

      Very interesting point Joshua, thanks for that. Wow! You built a lost of over 150,000 well done! I guess I ought be looking to do a JV with you...

      I wanted to expand on your point. I am guessing the way to do JV launches is to actually have a product that will sell and get JV partners willing to promote your stuff? Is that right? What's a good way to find a JV partner?

      Also you say that giving away kick-ass free stuff is a good way to generate a huge amount of traffic in a few months. Well that is what I've been doing. I've been giving away incredible free reprots, audio reports, even videos, a lot of high value stuff for free, but that didn't get me traffic.

      I can see how that is great bait to get people to sign-up to your list, but how do you get that kind of traffic that will allow you to give the bait to your prospects? Am I missing something?
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        Here's another thought to think about, many people who have huge lists like this don't always make a ton of money (obviously not all). Your list doesn't have to be huge like that to do well.

        You can have a list of only a couple thousand and do extremely well from it. The key is not the numbers, it's what kind of relationship you have with the list you do. If you give them good content, respect, help and treat them like people instead of just numbers, they will help build your list for you by recommending you to others because you helped them.

        Don't focus on numbers so much and focus more on helping he ones you have. A responsive list of 2k will out perform a unresponsive list of 10k all day long.
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          It does not matter how big you list is if it is not the right people! Leverage only works when it is the right people.
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    That's the biggest factor, at least in my experience.

    Working with others will help, affiliates and JV's but I think it mainly comes down to time and reputation.

    If you provide good quality stuff on your sites and to your lists, they will grow.
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    Oh and I forgot to add... TIME is a big key. Most people with lists over 100K have been online years and years working at it.

    And sure, some people can get bigs lists of 30K in a week but they cant do that every week. If they could, they would have a 720,000 email list in only 6 months.. that's not realistic. It takes months of preparation before they actually get those 30K emails in a week.

    Don't let the so-called gurus fool you into thinking that getting a BIG lists happens overnight .

    Want to partner with me? Contact me via PM and lets chat!

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    Don't think about those numbers, 30K in a week!! It's just not's achievable but not said you are getting 20-30 in average daily just from article marketing, and I think you should be satisfied with the math, and you'll see..continue doing what you doing and you'll have a big list soon, and the bigger your list is, it's easier to do JV's, and by doing JV's your list will become bigger faster every day
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    I've looked into different list building services, like and, you can check those out.

    I'm planning on using myself soon and will post an update when I have the results.

    I think on top of giving high value stuff away for free, you would get better results if the stuff you gave away actually solved whatever problem your visitors are coming to your website for.

    For instance, give away a list of Top Ten Tips that solves the problem. Then, follow up with info that there are 90 more tips that they could buy from you.

    The Easy Way to Create High Converting Sales Funnels...

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    If you'll notice... a lot of the more respectable, higher-end "gurus" are not relying on email as much anymore.

    In fact, they're promoting RSS feeds as heavily as email.

    Take a look at Michel Fortin's blog for example...

    His opt-in box has RSS with equal billing as email.

    If you provide a lot of value in your CONTENT, people will subscribe to you in whatever way they prefer. More and more people are opting to not use email in the "old fashioned" way... I mean, it IS 40 year old technology.

    Build FOLLOWERS.

    The idea of a "list" is pretty impersonal and shows a disconnect. I know it's common terminology, but it's not this separate, distinct "thing" that contains the magical link to the kingdom of all riches and glory.

    It's individuals who have chosen to listen to what you have to say about a particular topic.

    The more you give of value, the more your group of followers will grow - assuming that you are offering quality stuff.
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    Hi Mark,

    I'd suggest you look at improving your squeeze page conversion rate. I suggest it because it's a very time- and cost-effective way of capitalising on traffic you're already getting.

    From what you say, your opt-in rate is approx 30 per day x 30 days = 900 opt-ins / month out of 5000 views / month... or around 18%. I'm sure with a little work you could improve on that.

    Questions that can help you pinpoint possibilities for increase in conversion:

    1. What offer are you making in return for the opt-in? Are you framing your offer and its value in the best way possible?
    2. Your copy - especially your headline: is it benefit-driven? Do you provide proof? Does it include a compelling call to action?
    3. The "submission registered, now check your e-mail" page the prospect is directed to after they opt-in: do you make it clear what the prospect should expect?
    4. The e-mail copy - does it also include a benefit-driven call to action to get them to click the confirm link?

    Perhaps I'm bringing too much of a copywriting angle to your problem - but I really think that if you get your opt-in rate up you would (a) already be getting more subscribers, and (b) all your other traffic-generating efforts would become more efficient.

    If you post a link to your squeeze page, I will happily take a look at it for you.


    Gil-Ad Schwartz

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    I like to build buyers lists, regardless I'm promoting an affiliate product or my own stuff - just think about it. There's 5x times easier to convince someone who already bought from you or your affiliate link to buy again, then convince a subscriber grab their card and order.
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  • Thanks guys for all your comments- it has been very helpful.

    To answer your question David, I've been outsourcing a lot of my article writing and have been able to rely on "high volume" which has gotten me a good amount of traffic as you see. I feel the downside of outsourcing is the quality of articles don't tend to be as good (in fact sometimes poor) if you write it yourself and then it becomes a numbers game and you have to fork out a bunch of articles to start seeing meaningful results.

    If I had the time I would write more of my own articles, as they tend to perform much better, but unfortunately I don't.

    By the way, Michael you bring up an interesting point about people using RSS feeds instead of e-mail like MichelFortin for their opt-in, I'm going to look into that, interesting.

    I agree with you guys, that the focus shouldn't be on the quantity of the list but rather the quality which can be high if you provide them with useful content and treat them with respect, then they will buy from you as you become credible and trusted.

    I'm still trying to think of what are the best traffic-generating methods for these lists.

    Any other ideas on how to generate traffic for these lists?
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    I am currently building my list by taking part in giveaway events, and now I have moved onto adswaps.

    I am up to over 1000 in the IM niche and aim to get to 2000 by christmas. It is a slow process but im getting there.


    Watch me finally make money this year now I have a mentor follow my journey at

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      No offense, but your biggest problem is mindset.

      You're complaining that it might take you a year to reach 10,000 subscribers?

      Some people never get there.

      I too use article marketing to build my list. I have thousands of articles
      out there. I get between 10 and 20 subscribers daily.

      I'm perfectly content with that.

      Maybe you should look at your mindset before you start looking for magic
      fixes to a problem that you don't have.
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      • Profile picture of the author Vagabond 007
        Originally Posted by Steven Wagenheim View Post

        No offense, but your biggest problem is mindset.

        You're complaining that it might take you a year to reach 10,000 subscribers?

        Some people never get there.

        I too use article marketing to build my list. I have thousands of articles
        out there. I get between 10 and 20 subscribers daily.

        I'm perfectly content with that.

        Maybe you should look at your mindset before you start looking for magic
        fixes to a problem that you don't have.
        You beat me to it.

        You're focused on the wrong thing.
        The Ultimate Sales & Marketing Mind Map (Just updated - now twice as big!) - scott_krech - "Quite possibly one of the BEST WSO's ever."

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    Hi Mark,

    Good topic, list building has got to be the hardest part of IM, and I'm with you on PPC (too costly). So I'm on with somearticle marketing at the mo' and would be pleased with results like your's and I agree with David Hamer above and work on the conversion rate.

    Also if you don't already do this, I recomend having a 2 lists one optin and one actual customer list and always look after your customer list, your customers should be offered any new product first at a pre-launch price,

    By offering it to them first they feel privilaged and tus stay loyal cstomers.
    If you're interested you can download a FREE mp3 in which Sydney Johnston reveals how se uses eBay to create her lists among othere things, you can get it the the link in my signiture
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  • Profile picture of the author Bill Corners
    Thanks, I'll check it out some more before spending any money on it!

    The Easy Way to Create High Converting Sales Funnels...

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      Some of those who talk about building a big list in a short time, intentionally leave out that they already have established credibility and a network of joint venture partners.

      A new marketer who nobody has heard of is not likely to see those kinds of results.

      To increase the percentage of subscribers from your visitors, you really need to give some thought to what your visitors are really looking for when they land on your website, and provide a matching offer as an incentive to opt in to your list.

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      • Profile picture of the author mariochase
        I agree with everyone. It's not easy to go from 0 to 10k subscribers. JV and Affiliate Marketing could be the best solution.

        Focus on delivering good content and with time visitors will come and subscribe. SEO is a good way to do it, but don't focus on the Search Engine process, focus on the end user.. what are you offering them of value.

        Unfortunately building quality traffic takes times.. and everyone that says that it doesn't is lying.

        You only get good results and constant profits with time (and it can take quite a long time). There is no such thing as building a succesful website in a couple of days.. it takes months to build good traffic to a website.

        Only if you have a couple of thousand dollars to invest in big media, buying traffic from magazine, newspapers, television ads and other stuff. PPC and banners and other solutions can be quite pricey if you want a lot of traffic. And as you say buying placement in newsletter and in other ways.

        I don't know of any free way of getting thousands of subscribers.. if not by Joint Venturing with someone in your niche marketing that already have thousands of subscribers in their newsletter. But believe me... it's not easy to get those, only if you add a lot of value to them.

        Try offering your free product through other people's list. Could be a very nice and smart solution.
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        My WSO -
        The $10,490 Launch, How I Did It

        Success Chase <--- My Success Blog:

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    First ... you are thinking you get between 5 and 6 thousand hits a month from article marketing .

    Which articles are producing ? If you knew this would it be a good idea to apply some SEO There.?

    Now that you have more traffic coming to the articles that are producing .... are your free offers relevant to the articles . I mean really relevant .

    Someone reading an article on building a list will not be interested in getting site traffic . Yes they need the traffic but since they do not understand the basics of list building ... they do not understand the need for traffic . Maybe not the best example but you should understand the concept.

    Staying with the list building example ... would a free product giving a secret to list building away be good bait?

    Know as well as possible where your traffic is coming from. Give them a cure for a problem.

    If you are going to use article marketing ( I recommend it) to build a list . Keep The article, landing page, as well as the freebie, as relevant to each other as possible .

    The for sale product should also be relevant . The follow ups and broadcast should be .... you guessed it .... relevant .

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    I know you think your giveaways are high value. but do your subscribers?
    I have seen a lot of fee giveaways that people claimed were high value that weren't worth wasting time on. If you provide a remarkable product, and a lot of value to your readers afterwords rather than just sending a lot of promotions, your subscribers will start sending people to your list.
    Get a few blog owners to talk about your giveaway, and you can get a lot of great leads. That would help a lot. Try syndicating some of your articles to other places. build up some relationships with people before asking for their email.

    As far as the speed I agree with the others here. building a list takes time. treat what you have really well, and build a reputation for yourself as running a high quality list. Give more than you ask for. include bonuses. For instance, on my lists, I give away a free report, not just for sign up, but a new one every month. These arent the usuall overly hyped sales pitches people call value, it is a report that actually will teach whatever the topic is. I also send out emails to as many or more free products as promotions. Find great valuable websites, interesting blog posts, and other free stuff to share with your readers. Not only will your readers give you more when you do ask them to buy something, but you will also build a good reputation, and people will send friends and others to your list.
    follow my relationship marketing blog for tips on building more traffic without relying on Google's whims.
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    Some great comments in this post and as others have said it's not all about the numbers. I have had success with lists of less than 500 in the past so if you make sure you focus on what you do once they are on your list you should have no problems.
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  • Profile picture of the author M.T.
    There are some great comments and advice here.

    I would also say list size does not matter you can force thousands onto your list but they never spend.

    Let us look into why we are building our lists ? To make money right !

    It looks like you are doing a great job of 20-30 sign-ups a day from articles.

    Are you offering an upsell once they sign up? if so how is that converting?

    If you are not you are losing loads of money !!!

    Another fast way of list building is by ad swapping i have been ad swapping with great success with fellow warriors

    My best sign up day was 140 from an ad swap. Of course a lot depends of what you are giving away for free in my case i was giving away a video course worth $197.

    The bottom line is people expect more - if you are only giving away a resell rights ebook on your squeeze page and have poor graphics etc, you will have poor results.

    However if you was giving a way an original PLR ebook and great graphic squeeze page you would get more sign ups and if you was giving away a little video course you would get a lot more, provided all these things offered great value and was of use to the people you are sending your squeeze page.

    Anyway good luck, and if you want to do a ad swap Pm me

    Thanks Mark
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    Giving away something of (perceived) value is a must, if you're going to build a list. You really need to provide a compelling reason for someone to fork over their email address, whether it's a "special report," a video they can watch on the following page, etc.

    More importantly, you've really got to CRAFT the messages that go out in your autoresponder and keep providing good content and value. Before you worry about building your list, make sure that you've got an excellent series of messages to deliver to your subscribers. That's key.
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  • Profile picture of the author Shana_Adam
    Lists can grow exponentially if you know the right people at the right time. A bit like google trends whats hot and whats not. It all about building business relationships with people in the industry.

    Most IM'ers are constantly doing adswaps. Which can have a knock on viral effect. The more exposure you get the more people are likely to take notice. In that they will seek you out.

    Having a good blog and branding yourself is key.

    People need to know who you are and what you are offering that is synonymous with the industry that you operate in.

    A good JV or adwsap can catapult you into the IM limelight especially on a high traffic forum such as this.

    However TQM applies - quality.quality quality and being a bit of a dissident helps too.

    Thinking outside the box.

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    This all boils down to your marketing campaign. Use your squeeze page in every promotion you throw out there. You might want to decide to give a whole week to promoting your squeeze page if you really care about that big lst.
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  • Profile picture of the author nicholasb
    dont worry about quantity so much focus on quality, i have a list of around 600 people in one niche that has made me around 40k

    while I have another list in another niche with over 30k opt in and only made around 12k with it.
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  • Profile picture of the author MoneyRaker
    I won't lie. I am not the most experienced guy when it comes to email marketing - but what I do know is that never go after a BIG list, because in pursuit of this most marketers tend to forget the importance of relationship building and trust that you need to have with your list before they make you some money. A 3K email list consisting of your blog readers who have followed you for the past 18 months is much for powerful and profitable than a 100k list who just subscribed to download a free product.

    In fact you'll make more money with the 3 K list. Therefore, go for a quality list rather than a Quantity one...
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  • Profile picture of the author KristiDaniels
    You basically just do the same thing you did to build a tiny little list of 5,000 only you do it about twice as much.
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  • Profile picture of the author bocaj
    Check this out

    Real good stuff.
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    You're actually doing a great job with your article marketing if you are getting 20-30 subscribers a day. Now, the gurus that you are mentioning, the reason why they have massive lists is because they've worked on that years ahead of us. Do not focus on getting 10k subscribers, focus on how you can benefit with the current list size that you have right now. I've seen someone with only 1k subscribers outdone another one with a list of 10k subscribers. It's all about how responsive your list is.

    Now, you do the math. if you are getting 20-30 subscribers a day, let's just put 20 a day, that's 600 a month! 7,200 in a year! that's already a respectable number of subscribers a year from now! By the time that you have thousands of subscribers already, time to do some "AD SWAPS", it will multiply your list size faster. Once you gained more subscribers, start selling your own product and let your subscribers become your affiliate as well, you now have the possibility of adding more subscribers from your subscriber's efforts! That's really the secret to have 10k or 100k subscribers. You don't build 100k subscribers all by yourself alone, you should leverage and use other people's efforts to do it for you.

    So, just keep on moving forward, never give up, once you have enough subscribers, start doing ad swaps and start your own affiliate program as well.

    Good luck!
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  • Profile picture of the author WillR
    Never has there been a bigger opportunity than right now to start building a decent size list. Social media is bubbling at the surface and Facebook has totally changed the way we interact and share things online.

    Get creative. Don't just do all the boring things you hear Marketers tell you like writing articles and the like. Sure, they will bring you some subscribers but the real pay-off will come to those who are creative enough and figure out this whole social media puzzle and how you can use it to literally drive hoards and hoards of FREE traffic to your site in such a short amount of time.

    We are lucky to have the opportunites we have today so don't limit yourself to the old school stuff many marketers preach. Viral marketing is now easier than it ever has been. Create free, awesome, useful, problem-solving content. Ask people to share it with their friends. Make it easy for people to share it with their friends. That is viral marketing in it's simplest form.

    Think outside the box - Facebook has already and will create many many more millionaires before it's time is up - will you be one of them?
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  • Profile picture of the author tecHead
    Good advice in this thread to the OP.

    The only thing I'll add/expound on is that size doesn't matter, when it comes to "the list".

    John Reese did $1mil in a day for a $1997 product. That's only 500 sales.

    What matters is your marketing and sales funnels and how you connect with your market's psyche. Get that together and the rest will follow.

    Learn Everything You Need to Know About CryptoCurrencies
    Automation is the primary conduit to successful relaxation
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    Originally Posted by marktheonlinesurfer View Post

    Hi fellow warriors,

    As you can see these types of figures don't get you to the 10,000 mark. It will take over a year and even longer to get there via this technique.

    A year is nothing when building a list.

    Also consider quality. Both in your subscribers and what you will be giving them.

    A huge list of low quality will be less profitable than a small list of highly targeted and loyal subscribers.

    If you send them low quality stuff even accidentally - the huge quickly assembled list (if less targeted and less mature) poses a greater threat to your reputation since they presumably lack the same level of loyalty and forgiveness.

    Once again..
    A year is nothing when building a list.

    Free action plan : Think less. Do more.

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