Why Should I Buy War Room Access?

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I have a few questions for insider members only...

1. What do you like the most?

2. What is the one "War Room" idea you've implemented that added real impact in your Internet business?

Your feedback might be enough to turn me into a client for the war room - what do you say?
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    1. Allen's Posts - This really made me look at IM from a different perspective. Amazing stuff.

    2. The Freebies that are given away by fellow members. Real value, not junk.

    The first time I was in there, I got sidetracked for a few days

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    What is 37 buck compared to all FREE ebooks and software you can get there...?
    You must to totally ignorant not to listen to us members with warroom access.

    I'll even quote myself:
    Originally Posted by HomeBizNizz View Post

    Sure it is.

    I downloaded a 4 week complete course worth 197 dollars for free.
    I got the coupon code in the warroom.
    Added it to the cart and got the course for free. :p

    4 videos with transcripts of each video and
    4 interviews with transcripts of each interview.

    All that for free because I am a warroom member.
    And that's not all.
    I have downloaded a truckload of free ebooks, software, videos that
    are sold as WSO's or at a much higher price on Clickbank.
    All those for FREE!.

    So your 37 dollars is a piss in the ocean then you think about.
    Pay up and never look back.
    You'll thank me.
    You can quit drinking for a weekend
    and stay home learning directly from the pros.

    Just remember to get a own hard drive for your stuff.
    I'm up to 3 gigs of good quality stuff already.
    (Remember to back it up on some other media too)
    Get 5000 A4 sheets, some folder to stick the sheets in.
    Enough ink/toner for your printer.
    And print away.

    I'm happier than ever.
    A warroom membership is like prozac to me.
    Before I wasted money on useless crap on the net.
    But, not now.
    Now, I'm smarter.
    Go figure.

    Go, go, go people...
    And I'll throw in a screenshot of my special WarriorForum Warroom folder... :p
    Now isn't that tempting...?
    Guess what I paid...?
    Only the warrom fee...!
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    whenever anyone tells me they want to get started with online marketing - they ask for a suggestion for books ect. I tell them not to waste their money on anything but to spend that money on a war room membership. Its without a doubt the BEST 30 or 40 dollars I have EVER spent! I have learned so much....so much valuable information and its a nice community feel. Its really helped me progress in my IM career.
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