What To Look For In Avoiding Threads Prime For Deleting

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I debated posting this as a new thread because one would think this topic, in various forms, has surfaced before. Anyway, after doing a search and not coming up with a serious thread (my search skills may not be very good) I elected to start a new thread.

First, let me say that I'm not trying to be awkward or disagreeable and in starting this thread I certainly don't want to fall in disfavor with the mod gods. My goal it to play by the rules and become a long term valuable WF member therefore after having a recent post deleted I feel I need to know what to lookout for so I can refrain from participating in problematic threads and also avoid adding to the problem with my personal posts. If a person doesn't know what they are doing wrong or what to look out for they can't very well fix a problem. I also don't want to waste my time on posts that disappear.

I've read the rules and I can't figure out why the thread in question was deleted. I don't remember the title but the thread that disappeared was on the subject of newbies looking for quick and "easy" solutions in making money in IM. I didn't see where the intent of the thread was for shameful self promotional purposes nor was it a Spam thread/post. It basically stated that though it's often touted as quick and easy it seldom if ever is --- that like any other real business it requires time and effort. It sounds like common sense to me.

Unless someone with a WSO product that offers rivers of gold and bazillions of dollars In cash within seven seconds of purchasing their product squawked (that's suppose to humor) I couldn't see where the thread contained a poisoned pill.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank You,
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    Originally Posted by Ernie Mitchell View Post

    Any insight would be appreciated.
    Ernie, you probably didn't find any such threads because threads about threads being deleted tend not to hang around very long either.

    I can understand the temptation to press the matter, but in practice, any answers you receive will be guesswork at best as the original thread isn't around to study - so we only have secondhand accounts of what it actually contained. It may not even have been one of your posts that caused the deletion.

    I've also found that any attempt to provide an answer or explanation is usually seen as an invitation to begin a debate about forum rules, which is nearly always a non productive exercise.

    The best advice for anyone in this position, IMO, is to swallow hard and move on. Just accept that there's always a reason - and that you don't have to know or even understand why. If a forum mod was involved in the decision, it will have been made based on experience and in the interests of the WF at large. If it was the result of the members' action, that's simply democracy at work.

    If you're honestly concerned that you'll commit the same "offence" again, then you're probably going to have to learn by experience.


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    Sometimes they just get moved to a different forum, too.
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    Forum owner and forum mods rule here so they can do whatever they want, it's their world, kinda like how Google can do whatever they want, it's their search engine.

    We should expect it to happen sometimes and not worry bout it so much.

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    A quick search of all open forums shows this as the only thread by Ernie. So the earlier one is definitely history.

    - Nightowl
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      Originally Posted by Nightowl View Post

      A quick search of all open forums shows this as the only thread by Ernie. So the earlier one is definitely history.

      - Nightowl
      The deleting issue wasn't on one a thread I started. It was on a thread I posted to.
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